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Early in the Steel Vipers history they adopted a form of self-enforced isolation. this led to their unique philosophical position among the clans. We are not afraid to take on task that others consider shady and we actually encourage it.


Steel Viper was one of the original twenty Clans, named after the Steel Vipers found on Babylon. Their beginnings were marked by treachery due to the actions of their founder, now simply known as the Traitor Khan, and they were long regarded by other Clans as self-serving. However, the Steel Vipers would eventually find their calling in espousing the recreation of the Star League, not through conquest but cooperation with the Inner Sphere. After the success of the multiple campaigns, Clan Steel Viper was placed in charge of occupying Arcadia and assimilating its populations into the Clan way of life. This process led to multiple clans coming together and overtaking large amounts of space that are now all in cooperation with each other, ultimately serving The Steel Vipers.


Mirroring the views of more fanatical Clans, The Steel Vipers’ highly skilled mercenaries relegated them to the lower rungs of society and as such they were treated poorly. This policy extended into martial matters, and throughout all areas of their being.

Because The Steel Viper military training was so strenuous, the Clan had a much higher percentage of elites among their civilians than in other Clans. Their training was so intense many civilians rose to become the leaders of their cities, and so served an important bridge between the warriors and the other factions.

These matters allowed The Steel Vipers to rise in power and strength giving them a unique status that the other clans simply could not match.


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