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Unfound stands first and foremost for having a great time as a group of people brought together by gaming and a desire to have fun while making an excellent community. Join us in making chaos wherever we travel.


A group of friends with a passion for good games and good times. We have spent many long nights gaming and telling one another bad ass stories. We have sung songs of greatness and conquered all that stood in our path.

For many years we have grown not only as friends, but as a family; welcoming new members, experiencing hilarious adventures together, and even saying farewell to those who have traveled beyond. We have shared good times and bad; through it all, our community endures and we’re still here, doing what we love to do. We are always searching for great people; if you’re looking for the same, then join us now.


“Leadership.” -Rodney McKay


Unfound stands first and foremost for having a great time as a group of people brought together by gaming and a desire to have fun while making an excellent community.

Unfound is a privilege, not a right. That said, we all do have rights as members of Unfound. The following is a basic statement of those rights, but is by no means complete. The Unfound constituency reserves the right to append, truncate, or revise this charter as necessary and to determine what is within reason. Above all else, remember that your rights end where the rights of another individual begin.

The right to speak your mind – We believe in freedom of speech here and, within reason, frown upon censorship. The main exceptions to this policy are explicit sexual content, graphic real-life violence, solicitation (sexual or otherwise), hate speech, and extreme/disturbing/gross-out content. To further the right to free speech in Unfound, it is vitally important that every member understand and agree that anything and everything posted online, in-game, or said in voice-chat should NOT be taken as fact or serious intent regardless of content or context. Everyone should be aware that whatever is said should not be taken seriously or personally.

Here at Unfound, your rights end where the rights of another individual begin. Continuous and/or protracted persecution, belittling, threatening, unwanted labeling, spamming, harassing, or other such behavior is considered bad form of a high order and will not be tolerated. Irreverent remarks, statements of protest, or disrespectful actions of any nature directed at a member’s grief and/or lost loved ones will not be tolerated. Any intentional violation of this will be taken as bad form of the highest order and may be grounds for banishment from Unfound. Uncouth remarks concerning suicide are to be avoided and are regarded as bad form.

The right to be free from continuous and intentional annoyance – You have the right to not have the intentionally annoying or irritating behaviors of others continuously inflicted upon you. Conversely, members do not have the right to be deliberately and relentlessly annoying. This means that if you have been asked to stop an annoying behavior, for reasons of good form, you are expected to comply. However, if said behavior is believed to be within the realm of good form, it should be brought to the attention of Unfound leadership and the instance will be reviewed and potentially upheld as within reason. Do not continue an annoying behavior once someone has requested its cessation unless formally approved to do so by Unfound leadership.

Though we do not verify the identities of anyone in Unfound, it is required that everyone registering be over the age of 18. Guests of members utilizing the voice chat server must also meet the age requirement. There will be no exceptions to this policy unless unanimously approved by Unfound leadership.

The right to enjoy oneself – Unfound is primarily a gaming oriented community; as such, all should realize that everyone here has chosen to spend their free time doing this and we all expect to enjoy our time together. There will be many opportunities for members to take on responsibilities with Unfound. However, sometimes responsibilities are accepted that must be eventually given away. If any member finds they have accepted a responsibility that they no longer enjoy or simply wish to take a leave of absence, they are free to do so without fear of reprisal. Any member returning from a protracted absence of any length of time, with or without notice, is to be treated with respect and greeted in a welcoming manner; failure to comply with this will be regarded as bad form. Furthermore, at no time should anyone feel bound to a specific game or set of games. Though we may play certain games prolifically, there is no way anyone could be asked to limit themselves to just one game or group of games forever. All members are strongly encouraged to share whatever they’re enjoying with everyone on the voice-chat server and forum.

Always remember, we’re all here to have a great time together as Unfound.
Go Forth and be Badass.