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White Rock Consultants, Ltd. / WHITEROCK

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White Rock Consultants, Ltd. provides security and engineering consulting to citizens looking for peace of mind in a wide range of dynamic environments.


In a universe where your next move may be your last, a market has emerged for specialized security services catered to the needs of ambitious individuals and organizations seeking the rewards that so often are only found hidden in the dark and danger laden folds of a burgeoning galaxy. Risk is an ever-present factor in the pursuit of UEC, and mitigating that risk is essential to success.

White Rock was established with the goal of helping its clients manage risk through consultation services provided by highly trained individuals with a long history of wading deliberately and carefully into danger and emerging victorious. We have served both as a guiding light to clients embarking on their first expeditions into the fray, and as an insurance policy for experienced merchants and haulers. In an unforgiving universe White Rock stands to turn the odds in your favor.

Since its inception White Rock has kept a low profile. This is both to serve our clients’ needs for discretion, and to make us more effective in our pursuits. We promote from within, and when seeking new members our recruiting is targeted and subdued. Only individuals exuding the grit and demeanor required are considered for employment. We seek our clients in a similar fashion; you will not find our name on any billboards.


White Rock Consultants, Ltd. exists to provide security and engineering consultations and hands-on training to clients of the United Empire of Earth who are in good standing and whose intentions are lawful. Such training may extend into field operations at which time any liability becomes the sole responsibility of the client.

WRC, Ltd. will not engage in, encourage, or enable acts of piracy or actions meant to deliberately harm citizens of the UEE or peaceful denizens of its territory and surrounding areas. More so, members of WRC, Ltd. are directed to intervene when able to prevent or mitigate any of the aforementioned acts of violence.

WRC, Ltd. is sworn to defend against the Vanduul threat and, in the event of an encounter or incursion, will seek to neutralize the threat at any cost.


White Rock Consultants, Ltd. is bound by established UEE rules and regulations governing the operation of private security firms within UEE territory and is licensed to operate therein.