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For too long, Mars has been in the shadow of Earth and its corrupt power-hungry representatives. For too long, Mars and its people have been considered second class. For too long, the planet our forefathers left behind has kept a stranglehold on those of us chosen to advance the colonization of the galaxy. For too long, the Imperator has threatened our people with the use of his advocacy attack dogs. From the very beginning, the government has failed Mars and its people. The Mars Tragedy of 2125 that took 4,878 brave, pioneer Martian lives serves as a permanent reminder of Earth’s failures.

But that ends today! Today, Mars and its people will take their destiny into their own hands! Martians must stand together, united in our resistance of the UEE. No longer will Earth oppress us from afar. We must fight for our freedom. We must fight for our independence!


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