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Roberts Space Industries ®

Kingdom of Awesome / WOAH

  • Organization
  • Regular
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration

Whether it be exploring the far reaches, or saving the neighbor’s cat, we will put forth at least 37% effort.


It is not known where the Kingdom of Awesome came from, but it exists

If you ever finding yourself in need of more Awesome, you need but look within your own heart (queue dramatic music)


Each member is to decide how he or she will be a part of the universe. The organization will be there to support you if needed

To be truly Awesome, be strong enough to stand alone, but wise enough to stand together


Do unto Others, as you would have done to Yourself
Members are expected to treat each other with respect, as you would expect to be treated yourself.
In the universe, respect those around you, unless they act in a way undeserving of it.
It is easier to burn bridges, than it is to build them. Granted, one does not have to cross the bridge unless one wishes to.

Act with Honor
We do not condone slavery or piracy (piracy of pirates and slavers is accepted), and would hope that our members would actively confront pirates and slavers if possible.
We hope that our members will take the moral high ground when possible, whether or not it is within the constrains of the law.
A person’s worth, is decided by how they act, even when no one is watching.

We are of many paths and many goals
Avoid public discussion of politics and religion, each of us has our own views, and we believe these topics are more divisive than they deserve to be.
Learn to accept that not all of us have the same ideals and beliefs, but that those ideals and beliefs have allowed us to become who we are.