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April 13th 2018

Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part I

Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part I

Hello everyone,

Following the launch of the Origin 100 series, below are some questions and answers to provide more information on the brand-new starter ship from Origin Jumpworks.

Still have a question that you didn’t see answered below? You can still post questions on Spectrum, to be answered in Part 2 of our Q&A, here.

Special thanks to John Crewe, Corentin Billemont, and Todd Papy for their help preparing this Q&A.

How can a fighter be effective with two size 1 guns?

Compared to other fighters at the same class it benefits from the addition of missiles and improved maneuverability.

We’re also aware of the current weakness and lack of incentive to use S1 weapons and are looking into updates to make them a more competitive choice without resorting to DPS creep.

What advantages and disadvantages does this ship have versus the three other starters?

The fuel system gives it an enhanced range. It’s less maneuverable than the Mustang. It is more maneuverable than the Aurora, but lacks it’s strength and durability.

How does the 100i fit into the lineup of Origin? Is there a functional cohesion such as with Drake?

The 100i is the entry point into the Origin line of spaceships, the X1 sits beneath it but as a bike it is essentially in a different tree. There is no current equivalent in the Drake line up.

Its closest “equivalent” in the Origin lineup is the 85X but the two have different uses. The 85X does not have any living accommodation so cannot be used for extended durations, versus the 100 series which do and can. In addition, the 100 series can hold cargo and can be entered holding items which the 85X cannot, but the 85X does have space for a second player to sit alongside. The 100 series is great for the solo player wishing to do multiple things, while the 85X is a great ship for taking a friend sightseeing around the ‘verse .

What ships will the Origin 100 series fit inside of?

The 100 series has not been specifically designed to fit in any specific ships.

The 135 has three times the cargo of the 100. Is that due to a different hull?

The 135c has a specific cargo module integrated in the underside rear of the ship to accommodate the additional capacity.

If there are three different hulls, why is the holoviewer model the same for all three?

Typically during concept creation we only focus on the base model and create a 3D model for that with the other variants being paint overs or simple 3D additions rather than full creations. When these variants are built out they will be updated on the holoviewer.

Do other ships have the new AIR Fuel system, or is the Origin 100 the first?

No other ships feature the AIR Fuel system, it is Origin’s bespoke version of the tech, and specific to the 100 series. But we are planning on integrating similar systems into other ships eventually.

Will other ships be made with this system in the future?

See above.

What advantages do the AIR Fuel System give the Origin 100 over other ships?

You can read all about the AIR Fuel System, as well as the present and future state of in-game fueling mechanics in general, in our latest Fueling Design Post here.

What ship would you compare the speed/maneuverability to?

As mentioned, imagine a half way point, maneuverability wise, between the Aurora and Mustang for the base 100i, the 125a is closer to the Mustang and the 135c when loaded will be closer to the Aurora.

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