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June 4th 2020

Q&A: Origin G12 Rover

Q&A: Origin G12 Rover

Following the concept release of the Origin G12 Rover, we took your community-voted questions to our designers to provide you with more information on the recently unveiled rover.

Will you be able to replace the G12a’s missiles with a traditional turret?

No. The G12a’s missile launcher is a bespoke, integrated solution that cannot be exchanged for a traditional turret.

What is the intent behind the secondary computer?

The secondary computer will allow the G12 to benefit from future computer-blade functionality. It also creates another difference between the G12 and the RSI Ursa Rover.

Does the G12 fit on a Mercury Star Runner?

Yes. The aim is that anywhere an Ursa Rover can go, the G12 can go. The width differences are discussed in question eight.

If the base model has a turret, seats for two, and only two SCU, how is this a competitor to the Ursa?

Like with any of our vehicles, we want to provide choice and options between competitors rather than having one simply be better than the another. The trade-off in SCU capacity and seats is countered by the G12 being faster (closer to the speed of the Tumbril Cyclone than the Ursa). The Ursa is more durable and better for rugged terrain/environments; a more hardcore explorer if you will. The G12 series is better for less-demanding exploration but still provides four-wheel-drive and a sealed cabin. When we started the design process, we associated the two to real-world off-roaders: the Ursa being more like a traditional Jeep and the G12 being more like a Range Rover. Both are absolutely capable off-road vehicles, but the overall experience differs.

What ships already contain a G12 series vehicle, and can that vehicle be upgraded to a G12r or G12a version?

The Origin G12 (previously referred to as the Origin Rover) is standard equipment on the Origin 600i Explorer. All existing 600i pledges have been converted to include the G12. Players with both a 600i Explorer and standalone G12 will be able to upgrade the standalone G12 while keeping the original base vehicle from the 600i.

Will it have four-wheel drive or other “off-road” features to enable it to recover from flipping over or getting stuck on terrain?

The G12 series is four-wheel-drive as standard and should be as capable, but not as durable in all circumstances, as other rovers.

Can the missile launchers on the G12a target ground vehicles?

Yes. Anything that can be selected can be targeted and fired at with the missile launchers.

The width of the G12 series is listed in the brochure/ship matrix as 5.8m. This is wider than the 4-SCU-wide (5m) Ursa footprint. Is this an error and, more importantly, does the G12 series fit anywhere an Ursa can be stored?

In terms of in-ship storage, the aim was always to have these vehicles interchangeable. So, our goal was to have it be the same width as the Ursa Rover. The Ursa is actually somewhere between 5.2 and 5.5m wide depending on the suspension flex and mudguards, so while the G12 is listed as 5.8m, it’s generally between 5.5 to 5.7m when accounting for flex. We’ll ensure both have the same footprint when the G12 hits production so they fit in the same vehicles.

What is a hypothetical use case for EMP on the racing model?

In non-racing scenarios, the EMP will be useful for self-defense by giving you the chance to escape aggressors. When racing, it can be used to disable competitors for a period of time to gain an advantage.

Will the tires on the different G12 models have different handling characteristics on different terrain? For example, it looks like the racing model has slicker tires than the base G12. I’m wondering if they will have less traction in muddy or rough terrain and, if so, will we be able to swap tires between models?

The tires will provide different handling characteristics and the aim is for these to be swappable between variants. A similar set of tire upgrades would be available for other ground vehicles, much like upgradeable thruster sets on spaceships.

Is there any opportunity for a future variant that instead of a turret has sensors for exploration?

There are no plans for any more variants of the G12. However, we’ll keep this in mind if there are in the future.

How does the armor of the G12 variants compare to the armor of the Ursa Rover?

It’s hard to provide an on-paper equivalent of armor between two vehicles, but the Ursa rover is generally better armored (and slower as a result). The G12a is the most armored of the series but is still slightly less durable than a stock Ursa.

What defensive measures does the combat rover have?

The G12a comes equipped with the same countermeasures as our spaceships, which is currently a unique feature among ground vehicles. This will allow owners to dispense flares/chaff to shake off missiles and torpedoes as well as obscure scanning and detection.

Will the Racer have thrusters or jump jets like the Cyclone racer supposedly does?

The G12r comes with a boost functionality to allow a short period of higher top speed.

Will there be space in the G12 for an extra suit we can equip inside (one capable of withstanding extreme temperature)? Or can we drive in a bigger, bulkier suit?

There is no space for a suit locker (only weapon racks) inside the G12 as the interior is pretty much limited to the cockpit and seating. However, as the vehicle is a sealed environment, you’ll be able to drive around in extreme temperatures in regular clothing if you wish.


The answers accurately reflect development’s intentions at the time of writing, but the company and development team reserve the right to adapt, improve, or change feature and ship designs in response to feedback, playtesting, design revisions, or other considerations to improve balance or the quality of the game overall.

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