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April 25th 2018

Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part II

Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part II

Following the launch of the Origin 100 series, we collected your questions in an effort to provide more information on the brand-new starter ship from Origin Jumpworks.

If you missed part I, you can read the answers here, and the Origin 100 Series promotional page here.

Special thanks to John Crewe, Corentin Billemont, and Todd Papy for their help with answering your top-voted questions.

With the 100 series now filling the “Origin starter” slot, will the role of the 300 series be impacted?

Yes. When the 300 series will get its rework completed, it will fill both a higher tier place in the ship hierarchy, and have its current roles more defined and focused. The 100 series is a great entry point for what the 300 series will become in a future release.

Given that the Mustang Delta and Aurora-LN are much more powerful than the 125a, will you consider upping the armaments on the 125a to 2 x S2 guns and 4 x S2 missiles?

There are no current plans to adjust them at this time but as always we might consider changing the size of its guns during future balance iterations to bring it more in line with some similar ships if we feel the 100 series is seriously disadvantaged compared to other equivalent ships, but a missile upgrade is unlikely given how they are integrated on the hull.

What is the advantage of the base 100i model compared to the other variants?

While the 100 series share a lot of their features, the 100i will have a better maneuverability than the cargo variant. The 100i and 125a are very close together but the speed/offensive loadout make the 125a better in combat. That said, as they are all starter ships, those differences wouldn’t necessarily be as noticeable as in bigger ships.

Will we get a bit more room for living quarters in the 100i Touring model if the 125A has a missile bay and the 135C has cargo?

No. The 125a and 135c take advantage of changes on the exterior of the ship, but without getting bigger. The interior of the ship is the same between all 3 variants and already pretty spacious for a starter ship.

What’s inside? On the picture of the interior we see the bed and the cockpit, but what will be in the back (out of field) of the cabin.

On the other side of the cabin, you’ll be able to find room for 2 SCU as well as easy access to most ship components (some less important won’t be accessible without removing the SCU first).

With the article on Fuel Mechanics and clarifications on the AIR system, does the 100i Series come with more than one Fuel Tank to facilitate collection or use of multiple types of refined plasma on the fly?

As discussed in the Shipyard post only one type of fuel can be contained per tank and the 100 series only comes equipped with one tank as standard, the benefits of the AIR system allows you to be able to stand a better chance of being able to scoop fuel wherever you are due to the expanded range of gases that can be processed above default.

Why should I choose the 135c over the Avenger Titan for Cargo since it is more expensive?

While the Avenger Titan has a 2 SCU better capability than the 135c and has better weapons, its rework will change where it stands and make it more in line with some other ships around it. The 135c has a very respectable cargo capacity for its size, and its size and fuel capabilities allow it to have better flight maneuverability than the bigger Avenger.

Will the 100 series internal 2SCU be visible or invisible the player.

The interior ship layout has been planned to be big enough to have the cargo visible!

Will the 100i have the ability to equip, or possibly come equipped with, exploration sensors similar to the legacy 315p?

The 315p focuses on its Pathfinder role that has no comparable equivalent in the 100 series. As such, the 100i should be compared to the current ingame 300i instead and has no utility itemports that can have sensors attached to it.

Is there a speed/atmospheric composition at which the AIR intake will generate fuel faster than it is being used by thrusters?

Speed and composition will factor in to the conversion rate when the system is implemented ingame, it’s hard to give some concrete numbers as to how much better it will be at this early stage however.

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