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Welcome to ReddFaction’s Organization page, new recruits are welcome, for more information you can visit:


ReddFaction was born from Reddit over 2 years ago. Founded on the principle that all people should be able to play and work together, the Faction has been growing steadily since its inception. New Member Organizations, and dedicated individuals have worked hard to keep the Faction improving, and we are looking to the future, for more growth and continuous betterment, for all members. Founder, /u/forevermoore

Current ReddFaction Member Organizations Include:

Aurea Oculos

cReddit Interstellar Directorate

cReddit Waste Management


Southern Cross Alliance

Independent Exploration Conglomerate


Grinning Skulls

Utter Pirates Transportation and Escort Company


Order of the Apparition

Galactic Racing Syndicate

ReddFaction Broadcasting Company

If your organization is interested in joining ReddFaction, please apply here


i. The Goals of ReddFaction

1. To be a fun organization, respectful of our Reddit origins, with a large presence in Star Citizen.
2. To bring together all playstyles and use them to work together for the advancement of the Faction.
3. To carve a niche in the universe, both in and out of game.
4. To be a force either feared or respected by every citizen of the Star Citizen universe.

ii. The Actions of ReddFaction

1. ReddFaction will hold its citizens rights in high regard and will look for similar mentalities in organizations it has positive relations with.
2. ReddFaction will not tolerate racism, sexism, or other such closed minded idealisms. Organizations that endorse such actions will be enemies of the Faction.
3. ReddFaction will not respect one religion over another, and members may freely practice as they wish, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of another.
4. ReddFaction will not respect one nationality over another, all members are equal within the faction.


Charter of ReddFaction


We the citizens of ReddFaction, in order to form a lasting alliance, establish influence, insure domestic civility, provide for the mutual defense, promote the material fortune, and secure the benefits of unity to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this charter for ReddFaction.

Definition of terms:

ReddFaction: This is the whole alliance. We are ReddFaction.
Redd: ReddFaction General Body. A Member Organization formed from those who have the RSI Spectrum ID REDD as their main membership.
Parliament: This is the alliance authority that decide the alliance direction
Member Organization: This is an organization that has agreed to the rules of this charter and has been granted full membership by the Parliament.
Applicant Organization: This is an organization that has agreed to the rules of this charter but has not been granted full membership by the Parliament.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen:

Citizens of ReddFaction have the right to:
  • Play the game free from harassment or discrimination whether online or offline.
  • Be treated with respect by fellow faction members.
  • The safety of their person and property within and from the faction.
Citizens of ReddFaction have the responsibility to:
  • Treat members of the faction with respect.
  • Do no harm to faction members, their physical goods, investments, or reputation.
  • Maintain, within the faction, an attitude of cooperation, not competition.
  • Come to the aide of any ReddFaction member if within their means without undue risk to their person, property, or real life commitments.
  • Carry out official directives of ReddFaction if within their means without undue risk to their person, property, or real life commitments.
  • To uphold all operational security measures of the faction.


Parliament is the highest governing body of ReddFaction. Parliament consists of delegates from the various Member Organizations and is tasked with upholding the Charter of ReddFaction.
Unless expressed otherwise, all rights, authority, and powers exist at the discretion of Parliament, in accordance with the rules provided herein.

Parliamentary Structure

The Parliament shall consist of one delegate and one assistant delegate from each Member Organization. In addition, each Member Organization may have up to two observer delegates, who may view Parliament proceedings but not comment nor vote. The chairperson is tasked with authenticating all delegates. There shall be a position titled the Chairperson of Parliament who may not have a vote. This role is elected via Instantaneous Runoff Voting by Parliament. This role shall be limited to the following administrative responsibilities and others as may be directed by Parliament: Arranging meetings and associated tasks
  • Mediation of disputes
  • Mediating meetings
  • Representing ReddFaction’s general interests at large
  • Authenticating Delegates
  • Moderator powers in leadership subreddit

Each Member Organization delegate (or their proxy) is afforded votes based upon the following:
0 votes: 1-9 main members
1 vote: 10 – 49 main members
2 votes: 50 – 149 main members
3 votes: 150 – 299 main members
4 votes: 300 – 499 main members
5 votes: 500+ main members

Functions and Rules of Parliament

Census: Each Member Organization will have their votes allocated via random census takings, occurring at least once every two weeks, conducted by the Parliament (or designated body). Each Member Organization’s vote tally is determined by the average of the previous months census takings.

Motions: To bring a motion to vote, a MO Delegate must receive a second from a Delegate of a separate MO. The initiating Delegate will create a thread in the official leadership subreddit, the second will be confirmed, and the motion will be open for a vote for the period of 1 week on any vote requiring a simple majority, or a period of 2 weeks for a vote requiring a 2/3rds vote.

Tie Votes: In the event of a tie in a parliament vote, the side with more vote-eligible MOs carries the vote. If this is not sufficient to break the tie, the vote will be rescinded and the motion will be open for debate for no less than one week before being voted upon again.

ReddFaction General Body

ReddFaction General Body (Redd) will be the Member Organization formed from the current ReddFaction RSI page (spectrum ID: REDD) and ReddSquadron. Redd will act as a gateway into ReddFaction, and holds a special mandate to serve the interests of ReddFaction. The goals of Redd include:
  • Educating new recruits and encouraging them to join other Member Organizations or create their own.
  • Enabling the population of Redd to be easily utilized by other Member Organizations to expand/augment their labor/military force.
  • Directing Redd’s resources to support the goals of ReddFaction.

ReddFaction General Body will be governed by a trio of equal leaders. The first is a citizen elected by the population of Redd, the second is the highest ranking member of ReddSquadron, and the third will be a leader appointed by parliament.

Member Organization

A Member Organization is a Star Citizen Organization that has agreed to the rules and authority of this charter and has a seat in Parliament. Member Organizations retain all rights and authority inherent to their existence.

Applicant Organization

An Applicant Organization is an Organization that has requested to join ReddFaction. To join they must submit an application to the Parliament (or designated body), agree to the laws and rules that govern ReddFaction, and has had their request approved for further consideration. In order to become a full Member Organization a 2/3rds vote must be attained in Parliament.

Amending the Charter

Any amendments to the ReddFaction Charter must be passed with a 2/3rds vote.


Quorum on all parliamentary votes is set at 2/3rds of eligible organizations participating in the vote.