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February 14th 2020

Roadmap Roundup - February 14, 2020

Roadmap Roundup

Happy Friday, everyone!

Each and every week, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to any changes. This is part of an effort to make our communications more transparent, more specific, and more insightful for all of you who help to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for February 14th, 2020

As noted earlier on our Valentine’s Day event page, the Mercury Star Runner is slated for the Alpha 4.1 Column.

While the team is very close to finalizing the 4.1 column, and fully aware of the Gibbening, we’re going to need just a little bit more time before we add it to the Roadmap. You can expect to see more information coming very soon.

That’s all for this week’s Roundup – join the discussion on Spectrum

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