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November 13th 2020

Roadmap Roundup - November 13th, 2020

Roadmap Roundup

Happy Friday, everyone!

Each and every week, we accompany the Roadmap update with a brief explanatory note to give you insight into the decision-making that led to any changes. This is part of an effort to make our communications more transparent, more specific, and more insightful for all of you who help to make Star Citizen and Squadron 42 possible.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive into this week’s Roadmap Roundup!

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for November 13th, 2020

Stanton System Planetary Improvements
This card is a new addition that has been added to the Alpha 3.12 column. | As part of this update we are investing in a more detailed global painting pass with consideration to global climate data. We are also refining how object presets are set up, to get a more natural and believable read, as well as introducing some new assets to the biome packs. Finally, we will be updating the remaining geology assets to the organic shader to utilize the latest features. We are looking to showcase the above improvements for this release on the planets Hurston & microTech, as well as on the moons Yela, Cellin, Daymar, Wala and Lyria.

Reputation V1 – Reputation/Org Service
This card is a new addition that has been added to the Alpha 3.12 column. | This system will introduce the first iteration of persistent reputation between all entities within the Star Citizen universe, as well as persistent NPC Organizations.

We are creating the foundation for persistent reputation between all entities within the Star Citizen universe as well as persistent NPC Organizations. With this set of tasks, all key mission givers (outside of Ruto for now due to current technical constraints), will have the ability to change their responses due to the player’s mission performance. This is not only applicable to a general “positive” or “negative” greeting or farewell, but has also been extended to varying degrees of “mission completion” streaks.

This means that if the player completes or fails multiple missions in a row, the mission givers will comment accordingly. If the player fails the mission giver’s missions enough, this can even result in their temporary refusal to offer you additional missions for a period of time.

Additionally, mission threads that have varying degrees of difficulty have been converted over to use the new system to unlock the next tier of missions. Finally, because this is now service driven, all of this reputation is persistent and can be preserved between releases.

That’s all for this week! Join the discussion on Spectrum

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