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September 13th 2019

Roadmap Roundup - September 13th, 2019

Roadmap Roundup

Hi everyone,

As we said last week, we’re going to continue providing you with weekly context to accompany each roadmap update. The goal is to both offer an even more transparent look at our development as well as to make sure you hear directly from us about the why when something changes.

With that, let’s go to the roundup!

-CIG Community Team

Notable Changes for September 13th, 2019

FPS Mining, Harvestables, Weapon Attachments v2, the Hedeby Salvo Frag Pistol, and the Kroneg FL-33 Laser Cannon have all gone into polishing in preparation for their launch in Star Citizen Alpha 3.7.

Ship Rentals

Ship Rental tasks have been updated to better reflect the remaining work in preparation for the feature’s upcoming debut in Alpha 3.7.

Cutlass Blue

The Cutlass Blue has moved from 3.8 to 3.9 for a couple of reasons, but they boil down to the Banu Defender taking longer than initially planned. With work on the Defender being wrapped up for 3.7, either the Cutlass Red or Blue needed to move back one quarter. After evaluation, the decision was made to focus on the Cutlass Red, resulting in the Cutlass Blue moving back.


Work on this ship continues, but its release is currently blocked by a few tech pre-requisites including a physics refactor that needs to be submitted to our game-dev stream, as well as additional work from the engine team that will create scaleable & multiple physics grids. We are continuing to work on the Hull-C, but are prioritizing its needs for Squadron 42 – the work we plan to finalize in Q4 is not quite enough for a PU release.

Ship to Ship Docking

Work on several tech initiatives (such as the physics refactor mentioned above) must be completed before this feature can work as intended in the PU. We’ve taken it as far as we can without these additional tech requirements, and have re-tasked the team onto other priorities that we can make more progress on with our current tech tools.

Lightning Bolt Co. Atzkav Electron Sniper Rifle

We’re developing a new damage type for this weapon, and the tech for that damage type isn’t quite ready. Other weapons are moving up in priority while the Electron Sniper Rifle takes a step back as it waits for the completion of the new damage type, resulting in a move to 3.9.

Mission Givers: Lisa Gibbs, Devin Bautista and Eddie Parr

Like all Mission Givers, Lisa Gibbs, Devin Bautista and Eddie Parr are tied into the locations they are released with. Bautista and Gibbs specifically are tied to Crusader, and Eddie Parr is in New Babbage v2. We’re still doing the work on these specific characters, but when locations move, we move Mission Givers on the roadmap to the delivery of their associated locations.

That’s all for this week’s Roundup – join the discussion on Spectrum!

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