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Welcome to RPNET, the premiere community for roleplaying in Star Citizen.

Interested in RP? Join us, we are creating stories in the Verse!

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The year is 2949

Breakthroughs in modern technology have catapulted humanity into a new era. The opportunity of endless frontiers has grown as exponentially as the population. When simply visiting another planet was once the prospect of future generations, and within reach of only a few global super powers, it is now an endeavor of the common people.

Star Citizen is a living, breathing universe

As society has proliferated across the stars, the stage was set for its people to repeat the same mistakes of history. Governments rose and fell, lead by regimes only a shade removed from the dictators of centuries passed. Along the way, new heroes provided inspiration for all citizens alike to overcome tyranny. Or embrace it.

And we are its Citizens

We are those inhabitants of the Verse. Seeking the next jump point. Trading in the hottest commodities. Cultivating foreign lands and moving goods to all corners of the galaxy.

We continue to fight wars; on both sides. Indoctrinate, train, and command. There are still saviors, and repairmen. News broadcasters, athletes and yes, pirates.

We make the Verse what it is today.


The Star Citizen Roleplay Network is an out of character〘OOC〙organization devoted to bringing independent & group roleplayers together.


The roleplaying community of Star Citizen has always been a thriving one. It has grown and evolved with the development of the game, just as many organizations have.

Before there were official role play channels on the RSI Forums / Spectrum◥, we were already gathering roleplayers in the Verse to promote communication and gameplay. Original members Skymaster and
ValravenPrime◥ created the first website They soon reached out to mediaflare◥ to help herd the masses.

After the role play forum was setup on RSI, mediaflare & Lavender◥ created RPCL◥ . This became the first iteration of the overall vision: to help players find each other for roleplaying and support their lore.

The activity at RPCL began to shift with the impending release of Spectrum, as did the membership on All agreed that the website and old org would become a single entity on Spectrum. It was decided to merge into STAR CITIZEN ROLEPLAY!

At RPNET, the entire Star Citizen community can easily find other players or organizations for RP purposes.


NOTE: individual (solo) roleplayers can become a member/affiliate of RPNET directly.
Citizens do not have to be a member of an affiliate org to be a part of this community.

One of our primary resources for building lore in Star Citizen is player organizations. All alignments are welcome to join the network; including pirates and lawless types. To create the most compelling experiences in game requires a full range of characters and settings.

RPNET coordinates an affiliate organization network for the greater community to utilize. These orgs have passed a vetting process which ensures their commitment to immersion in the Verse. Members of these orgs are considered to participate in roleplaying at a minimum of the level which they applied. Solo roleplayers can find a home with one of these groups, or become a member of the network independently.

These are just some of the standards that sub communities are evaluated for:

  • General Roleplaying Activity (directly or indirectly involved with RPNET canon)

  • Network Engagement: hosting events, contributing to storylines, etc.

To apply for org membership, please contact an administrator◥

⤙ ✦ Organization Name ⤚ ⤙ ✦ Spectrum ID ⤚ ⤙ ✦ Role Play Level ⤚ ⤙ ✦ Contact ⤚
[ Altama Energy Corp ] [ ALTAMA ] [ Persistent ] [ Segellion ]
[ Armor Ex ] [ AMOREX ] [Hardcore ] [ Joe_dalliance ]
[ Association of Capitalists, Explorers, & Soldiers ] [ ACES ] [ Casual ] [ CZenStar ]
[ Benette Independent Research Foundation ] [ BENETTE ] [ Hardcore ] [ von_Benette ]
[ Blazing Rapture ] [ BLAZER ] [ Moderate ] [ Derran ]
[ Bounty Hunter’s Guild ] [ BHGN ] [ Moderate ] [ Hemperor_Pal ]
[ DYAD Information and Security Assurance ] [ DYAD ] [ Moderate ] [ Duke_Shephe ]
[ Echelon News 7 ] [ EN7 ] [ Hardcore ] [ Ocypeta ]
[ Galactic Fifth Column ] [ THEGFC ] [ Moderate ] [ WeirdLittleBro ]
[ Icarus Interstellar Incorporated ] [ III ] [ Moderate ] [ Skymaster01 ]
[ Independent Miner’s Guild ] [ IGMD ] [ Moderate ] [ Shooter36 ]
[ Intergalactic Airlines ] [ IGAIR ] [ Casual ] [ SuburbanFox ]
[ Nordlicht Aviation ] [ NORAV ] [ Moderate ] [ Fiete ]
[ Pick and Shield, Mining and Security Group ] [ PNSMINESEC ] [ Harcore] [ Gerand ]
[ Rising Stars Mutual Aid Network ] [ RISINGSTAR ] [ Moderate ] [ CZenStar ]
[ Valinor Aerospace Ltd. ] [ VALINOR ] [ Moderate ] [ Volkmar77 ]
[ UEE Medical Corps ] [ HOSPITAL ] [ Moderate ] [ BannerWolf ]
[ UEE Xenolinguistics Institute ] [ UEEXI ] [ Moderate ] [ Jale-Weston ]
[ Zephyr Aerospace ] [ ZAS ] [ Hardcore ] [ Lynxsey ]
All Affiliates are encouraged to view and post in our community!


┎━━⤙ casual ⤚━━┒ ┎━━⤙ moderate ⤚━━┒ ┎━━⤙ hardcore ⤚━━┒ ┎━━⤙ persistent ⤚━━┒
Potentially new to roleplaying. Has general knowledge of the lore. A veteran of many games. The most immersive experience.
Browses the list of active story Often seeks RP groups, able to fit into Actively starts roleplaying sessions, Can be involved in any setting and
lines and mainly selects familiar most settings, and can follow role play hosts events, and seeks to make constantly stays in character. Should
activities to participate in. guidelines. an impact on in-game lore. always be considered roleplaying.
┖━━⤙ ✦✧✧✧ ⤚━━┚ ┖━━━⤙ ✦✦✧✧ ⤚━━┚ ┖━━━⤙ ✦✦✦✧ ⤚━━┚ ┖━━━⤙ ✦✦✦✦ ⤚━━┚

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To make history through the interaction of citizens and organizations

We strive to experience the Create your own adventures to Events & activities are recorded
lore that composes the fabric share with others. Our culture in the archives of history. Each
of the universe. Our greatest thrives on reciprocating the story is unique and gives meaning
distinction, is to be recognized impact of each story line. There to the characters. Other players
as playing a role in the most are consequences for every will build upon the story,
important moments in the action. Feel like your character adding significance to the
Star Citizen community. 』 is making a difference. 』 narrative as it develops. 』

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Life in the Verse takes good, evil, and everything in between

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A level of engagement only Star Citizen can offer

  • More than flying and shooting
– - – – - –
– - – the next level of simulation – - –
– - – 』 – - – 』 on a never-before-seen scale. 』

✧ ✦ ✧

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[ORGANIZATION NAME]: Star Citizen Roleplay


[ESTABLISHED]: 2947-09-24 21:16:51

[LOCATION]: Earth : Sol III, Sol
Ancillary places of business may be designated based on the Network’s actions as outlined in this Charter, and allowable by law.


Star Citizen Roleplay Network [RPNET] is established as an out of character [OOC] organization to facilitate roleplaying experiences in Star Citizen

By bringing together various roleplaying groups and individuals, RPNET is a platform for in character [IC] interaction.

The community coordinates player events, details the history of the universe in a public archive, and encourages building lore outside of the game as well.


► This charter is established to promote a cooperative OOC environment

► This is not an IC org, there are no requirements in terms of activity or exclusivity of membership. It's expected most members will be affiliates due to the nature of the organisation.

► RPNET serves primarily to provide OOC networking and opportunities for roleplayers and those who seek to join roleplay in Star Citizen.

► It is expected that all members will be respectful and avoid name calling, harassment, trolling, etc. Civil debate is expected, heated arguments should be handled privately.

► Recruitment though RPNET is permitted and encouraged, though only place ads in the designated recruitment section. Spam is not permitted.

► Make appropriate use of the IC and OOC sections and tags. If a thread is IC, refrain from making an OOC post there. The inverse applies to OOC threads.

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