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May 1st 2017

This Week in Star Citizen
May 1st, 2017

Greetings Citizens

Short, sweet, and to the point this week.

The Banu Defender concept sale finishes up today. It was a unique sale in that we got to support it not just with a dedicated ATV segment the day before, but a Town Hall in the middle, both a Jump Point magazine and Vault Update for Subscribers with the BTS of it’s development and unused concept images, and finally one of the most robust Q&A we’ve gotten to do towards the end. There was no shortage of information this sale, and I think it’ll become a template for how we support the amazing work our developers are doing going forward.

In community shows, this week sees Gaige Hallman take on the Quantum Questions challenge and community member Nighthawk Zale discusses his tabletop creation, Traverse the ‘Verse while Dave Haddock explores the Rilah System in Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This week’s ATV comes to us from Austin and Montreal, while the Happy Hour Interview will be your chance to put questions directly to another of our developers. Stay tuned for the specific time later this week.

With that, we’ll see you in the ‘verse.

Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby
Community Manager

HAPPY HOUR INTERVIEW guest will be Brian Chambers, and will be LIVE this Friday at 8am PST.

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Community Spotlight: May 1st, 2017 – Fan Art Citizen

This week’s theme is “Fan Art Citizen,” highlighting cool images that you have created using original art, concept images, in-game screenshots and photo editing software. Normally we highlight a few different images that the developers have as their desktop backgrounds in the office, but this week, I think it’s long overdue to shine a light on someone that brings a lot of joy to our offices around the world: AdzAdama.

Visit the Community Hub

Intro to AdzAdama 101

AdzAdama started his crusade to immortalize CIG developers in pop art way back in October 2014. In his own words, “This is a compilation of the CIG Staff Tribute Photo Montage Art works I have created in dedication to the hard work of all individuals within the Teams who toil so constantly to create the Verse for all Star Citizens, I want all of you to know this Citizen truly appreciates your efforts.

In the subsequent months and years, his thread grew to 22 pages with about 30 posts each, and has become a defacto Table of Contents for nearly every developer we’ve ever highlighted on one of our broadcasts, not to mention a sort of time capsule of our development.

So today, all four entries in This Week in Star Citizen are devoted to exploring the one-of-a-kind voice of AdzAdama, and the way he chose to express his appreciation has affected CIG staff over the years.

The Rite of AdzAdama Passage

It’s not uncommon for staff members to check in on the thread every couple months, and it’s always a delight when you discover that Adz had turned his certainly unique and very creative eye in your direction. Being made up in an original AdzAdama soon becomes a kind of rite-of-passage for those new to CIG. You know you’ve made it when you’ve made it to the infamous AdzAdama thread.

Choosing which images of the hundreds of images he’s done over the last two years to highlight isn’t an easy thing to do, and I’m certain no four can fully express the entire AdzAdama experience, but I’m including this specific picture here because today is Brian Chambers’ birthday, and I imagine this is precisely how he’s spending the day.

And if he’s not, then he should be.

AdzAdama in Action

If you’re a regular watcher of Bugsmashers! you know that Mark usually has a unique image posted up on his desktop. One of the most common questions we get about the show is, “Where do those come from?!” Well, look no further than AdzAdama. His artwork has graced the desktops of many a developer over the last two years, and has even made the bulletin board in the kitchen on more than one occasion.

destination: adzadama

AdzAdama has become prolific in making hundreds of these images over the last two years, with a style all his own and a good nature that comes through in each and every one of his creations. If his original thread was a tribute to our “dedication and hard work” then this post today is my tribute to the same in him. If this is your first time seeing the work of AdzAdama, I encourage you to check out his original thread and do what every CIG developer does the first time they see it: Ask yourself if what you’re seeing is real, accept that it’s actually happening, and give in to the sheer delight involved in ever image.

End Transmission

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