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May 11th 2020

This Week in Star Citizen
May 11th, 2020

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today is your last day to take advantage of the Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week! Bring a new player into ‘verse before the day’s end and you’ll both zoom away with a brand new Greycat Buggy!

Last week on Inside Star Citizen, we took a look at the night and day differences lighting makes in the ‘verse with a sneak peak at some new tech, and caught up with a variety of teams in the latest sprint report. Don’t miss out – stay up to date by checking out the full episode on Youtube.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Like we mentioned above, Monday is your last chance to take advantage of the Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus Week.

On Tuesday, the Narrative Team will treat us to a lore post, announcing the final five Imperator candidates!

Wednesday brings the Subscriber newsletter and Subscriber Update Comm-Link.

On Thursday, the newest episode of Inside Star Citizen, our weekly look behind the scenes of Star Citizen development, will dive into a few pieces of upcoming tech for ships in the ‘verse and will also give you an update on Prisons: how it’s been going, what we’ve learned, and the changes we have planned for the system in upcoming patches.

On Friday, you’ll see a Roadmap update and Roundup, an update to the Subscriber Vault, and the RSI Newsletter delivered to your inbox. We’ll also welcome a new episode of Star Citizen Live, which will broadcast on our Star Citizen Twitch channel at 9am Pacific/4pm UTC. This time, we’ll have Level Designers from our Persistent Universe Team on the show to answer your questions about designing and creating the various locations found throughout the PU. Be sure to toss your questions for the team in our gathering thread before the show!

See ya in the ‘verse,

Molly Joseph
Associate Community Manager

EDIT: Updated Star Citizen Live’s start time.

Screenshot by Petit_Scarabes

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

MONDAY, MAY 11th, 2020
            This Week in Star Citizen   
            Last Chance – Alpha 3.9 Referral Bonus      (

TUESDAY, MAY 12th, 2020
            Lore Post – Announcement of Final Five Imperator Candidates    

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13th, 2020
            Subscriber Newsletter       
            Subscriber Update Comm-Link       

THURSDAY, MAY 14th, 2020
            Inside Star Citizen      (

FRIDAY, MAY 15th, 2020
            Star Citizen Live   (
            Roadmap Update   (
            Roadmap Roundup   
            Subscriber Vault Update   
            Weekly Newsletter   

Hot Off the Press – Live Release Update

We wanted to give you a quick update on the state of the 3.9.0 live patch right from the desk of our publishing & feedback teams, including updates on hot-topic issues and feedback.

Current Live Patch: Alpha 3.9.0 | Patch Notes

Issue Tracking

We are closely monitoring a few new issues that have popped up with our latest patch, and will keep you updated as we know more. These are the most reported issues we’ve received, and what you should do if you encounter them in the wild. For a list of our most reported issues updated daily, keep an eye on our Known Issues list.

Long term persistence, aUEC, and items you may have purchased ended up being in a very unstable position with 3.9.0. Fortunately, we have had backend team members working non-stop to rework how the wallet system functions to make it more stable, which includes some of the account smashing issues like invisible character and missing mobiGlas. We hope to have that in a hotfix soon.

Some other issues we’re actively investigating or working on:
  • Repair services not working
  • Players entering a no-clip state
  • Ships being set to an unretrievable/unclaimable state

We already have some fixes set for Alpha 3.9.1, including duplicate trains, the missing Freelancer MIS shields, and the Freelancer guns firing in odd directions. More to come!

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and we’re monitoring and tracking a number of issues that have been reported on a smaller scale.

If you come across an issue in-game, you can help us squash that bug by reporting it on The Issue Council.

Feedback Desk

We are reviewing early feedback from our 3.9 release review and discussions are under-way about ways to fix some long-term problems, such as quantum travel, Starmap usability, and interaction mode usability.

We absolutely want to hear from you, so please take the time to stop by and voice your opinion for our 3.9 review found here, and rate your favorite ships, gameplay, and locations on our survey here.

Have a piece of feedback? We want to hear it! Let us know what you think about all aspects of our latest release in our feedback threads here on Spectrum.

Weekly Wisdom: ARK Starmap

Explore all the systems and planets our in-lore galaxy has to offer with the ARK Starmap! Updated as our lore grows and changes, the Starmap is a living representation of the Star Citizen galaxy we know and love.

Select specific systems and planets to learn more about your current favorite spots, or hop through jump points and navigate your way through the galaxy system by system. However you use it, the Starmap is a great reference when diving into the deep universe of Star Citizen.

Check out the ARK Starmap for yourself here!

Community MVP: MAY 11th, 2020

We're constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it's fan art, a cinematic, YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Every week, we select one piece of content submitted to the Community Hub and highlight it here. The highlighted content creator will be awarded an MVP badge on Spectrum and be immortalized in our MVP section of the Hub.

Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here!

Welcome to Microtech by Tristan

Take a visual tour through the snowy tech-hub, narrated by microTech's own AI! Tristan has created a beautiful cinematic experience, perfectly showing off the 'verse's latest planetary addition.

Watch the full video on the Community Hub

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