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December 2nd 2019

This Week in Star Citizen
December 2nd, 2019

Hello everyone!

As the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo continues, we’re currently celebrating the ships that made it to the final four in the recent Ship Showdown tournament. You can commemorate their place in aerospace history, and your part in getting them there, with limited-edition liveries and in-game hangar schematics available at the IAE. The event runs until December 5th and anyone can get into the ‘verse, explore, and test the expo’s ships for free until then.

Also this week, we’ll continue to upload the presentation panels from CitizenCon 2949. If you couldn’t make it to Manchester or missed the odd panel while treating yourself to a Torpedo Burrito or Big Bennys (GRAB EAT!), keep an eye on our YouTube channel. This, of course, is always a good idea, especially should you need to catch up with Jax McCleary and his astonishing performances during the IAE.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Monday, it’s “Best in Show” at the IAE, celebrating the final four of the Ship Showdown tournament.

On Tuesday, the Lore Team will publish a portfolio piece on everyone’s favorite: Whitley’s Guide. We’re rating this one 5 out of 5!

We collected your most pressing questions about the Anvil Pisces and took them directly to the ship’s developers. The Q&A will answer your questions this Wednesday.

All good things must come to an end and the IAE is no exception. This Thursday, the expo will close its doors on ArcCorp. Furthermore, we’ll welcome an new episode of Inside Star Citizen, providing behind the scenes looks at the development of our Persistent Universe. Lastly, join us on a journey to microTech in our latest Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy!

Friday will bring us updates to the Roadmaps and the Subscriber Vault, with the weekly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. And finally, we’re looking forward to a new episode of Star Citizen Live, which will be broadcasting on our Star Citizen Twitch channel at 8am Pacific (4pm UTC). This time, we’ll have Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe and Art Director Paul Jones on the show to answer your questions about ships in the Star Citizen Universe. As usual, head over to Spectrum to submit your questions and vote on the ones you’d like to see answered the most.

See you in the ‘verse!

Ulf Kuerschner
Senior Community Manager

*Artwork by eXpG_Vash-Moon

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

            IAE: Best In Show   

            IAE: Best In Show   
            Lore Post – Portfolio: Whitley’s Guide   (

            IAE: Best In Show   
            Q&A Comm-Link: Anvil Pisces   

            End of IAE   
            Inside Star Citizen   (
            Traveler’s Guide to the Galaxy: microTech   

            Star Citizen Live   (
            Roadmap Update   (
            Roadmap Roundup   
            Weekly Newsletter   
            Subscriber Vault Update   

Weekly Wisdom: The Guide System

Guides are Star Citizen’s teaching ambassadors, and for a lot of players, the first friendly face they’ll see in the ‘verse. Star Citizen is a deeply immersive world, but it can also be an incredibly complex endeavor for new players to venture. Guides are the guiding light for first timers navigating the ins and outs of the ‘verse.
Find out more about the Guide System and become a helping hand today!

Community MVP: DECEMBER 2ND, 2019

We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it's fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Every week, we select one piece of content submitted to the Community Hub and highlight it here. The highlighted content creator will be awarded an MVP badge on Spectrum and be immortalized in our MVP section of the Hub.

Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here!

A Christmas Tree by AngusThermopyle

On the 6th day of the Expo, Angus sent to me:
A picture of a very special Christmas tree!

Vote for the image on the Community Hub

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