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January 4th 2021

This Week in Star Citizen
January 4, 2021

Happy 2951, everyone!

We hope you had a great start to the new year and are now relaxed and ready for the first This Week in Star Citizen of 2951.

For those of you looking to explore the path ahead for Star Citizen’s development, we highly recommend checking out our recently release updated Public Roadmap. The overhauled Roadmap not only contains a wealth of new information, but also features the first version of the Progress Tracker, a tool designed to show you what our teams around the globe are working on. To take full advantage of this exciting tool, make sure to read the Roadmap Roundup from December 23, 2020. As mentioned there, we’ve got a number of improvements coming to you soon!

And for a comprehensive look back at last year, take a look at the Letter from the Chairman from Chris Roberts himself.

Last and most certainly not least, I want to highlight the filthiest (and my favorite) race in the ‘verse, The Daymar Rally 2951. Buckle up, the first vehicles cross the starting line in just two weeks on Saturday, January 16, 2021!

Now, finally, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday, the Narrative Team shares the origin story of technology giant microTech in the first Portfolio of the year.

Get ready to celebrate our holiday champions this Wednesday as we announce the winners of the Esperia Talon Screenshot Contest and Cozy Glow Contest that ended last weekend.

Last but not least, this Friday you’ll catch our weekly update to the Subscriber Vault and the weekly RSI Newsletter delivered to your inbox.

In the background, we’re also hammering away at updates for the Public Roadmap, including the addition of the Core Tech Group (9 teams). So, while you won’t see a Roadmap update this week, we’re currently planning for our first Roadmap update to be later this month, with updates happening every two weeks after. Stay tuned for more info.

Until next week, I’ll see you in the ‘verse!

Christian Schmitt aka Wayne-CIG
Associate Community Manager

Screenshot by Slingshot-Cal

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

            This Week in Star Citizen   

            Lore Post – Portfolio: microTech   

          Esperia Talon Screenshot Contest Winners Announcement   
          Cozy Glow Contest Winners Announcement   

            Subscriber Vault Update   
            Weekly Newsletter   

Community MVP: January 4, 2021

We're constantly amazed at the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it's fan art, a cinematic, YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Every week, we select one piece of content submitted to the Community Hub and highlight it here. The highlighted content creator will be awarded an MVP badge on Spectrum and be immortalized in our MVP section of the Hub.

Don't forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for the chance to see it here!

NEBULA by Trieye

Trieye brings the atmospheric Nebulae of Alpha 3.12 to life, accompanied by Pedro Camacho’s First Light.

Watch the entire video on the Community Hub to see the latest alpha patch in its full beauty.

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