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January 28th 2020

This Week in Star Citizen
January 27th, 2020

Happy Monday, everyone!

Take to the skies, celebrate the Red Festival in the ‘verse, and pick up some serious horsepower with some limited-time ships. Learn all about the Lunar New Year festivities here!

Search & support with the newly flyable Cutlass Red! Equipped with medbed gameplay and ICU capabilities, the Cutlass Red is the emergency response ship for when the going gets tough.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday the Narrative Team will treat us to the first part of a new Serialized Fiction: Instrument of Surrender.

We’re in for a new episode of Inside Star Citizen on Thursday. In this week’s episode, we’ll be hanging out with the Character team and taking a look at upcoming designs for Orison’s residents, checking in with Producers around the globe, and more!

Friday brings a Roadmap update and the RSI Newsletter will be delivered right to your inbox. We also welcome a new episode of Star Citizen Live, which broadcasts LIVE on our Star Citizen Channel at 12pm Pacific / 8pm UTC. This week, Sean Tracy will be answering all your questions about the upcoming Theaters of War game mode. Leave a question for him here!

See you in the ‘verse!

Molly Joseph
Associate Community Manager

Screenshot by Petit_Scarabes

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

MONDAY, JANUARY 27th, 2020
            This Week in Star Citizen   

            Lore Post – Serialized Fiction: Instrument of Surrender   

            Inside Star Citizen   (

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st, 2020
            Star Citizen Live   (
            Jump Point January Issues   
            Roadmap Update   (
            Roadmap Roundup   
            Weekly Newsletter   
            Subscriber Vault Update   

Player Relations Update

We’ve seen an incredible amount of new players take to the stars in Alpha 3.8.1. We’re very happy to see so many having an amazing time. We wanted to give you a quick update on the state of the live patch right from the desk of our Player Relations team, including updates and workarounds for hot-topic issues and feedback.

Current Live Patch: Alpha 3.8.1 | Patch Notes.

Issue Tracking

We are closely monitoring a few new issues that have popped up with our latest patch, and will keep you updated as we know more. These are the most reported issues we’ve received, and what you should do if you encounter them in the wild. For a list of our most reported issues updated daily, keep an eye on our Known Issues list.

  • Check Your System Clock | Please make certain that your computer’s system clock is set to be synced with the current Internet time! This is normally done automatically, but faulty hardware or internet outages may cause troubles.
  • Vanishing Ship and Personal Equipment | There have been many reports of players finding that after switching out either their ship or personal equipment, the swapped out components and items vanish from their inventory and cannot be used again. If you run into this issue in the wild, please add your account to the appropriate issue council report, broken down in the link above!
  • Error 30009 – Disconnect on Loading | We are tracking an issue where players are encountering error 30009 when attempting to login to the game. Sometimes, this will clear up after enough time has passed but other times you’ll need to contact RSI Support for assistance with their account.
  • Ships Spawn with Missing Components | Sometimes when spawning a ship, it will appear missing key components and thus cannot be used. This may occur even after an insurance claim has been filed on the ship, and seems more prevalent after a player has had to force quit the game for some reason, such as after a game crash. If you come across this issue please help us reproduce the steps by contributing to the Issue Council.
  • In-Game Character Issues | We are currently aware of and tracking a few different issues that may occur that can have one or more of the following symptoms occur during play. Check the link above for a potential workaround!
  • Infinite Loading Screen | Currently we are aware of and tracking an issue where players may find themselves at the loading screen for the persistent universe (PU) for an indefinite amount of time. Typically this may occur after leaving the PU while being a member of a party or after previously encountering trouble forming a party. We plan to include fixes in Alpha 3.8.2, and will continue tracking it to see if we got it squashed. In the meantime, check the link above for a potential workaround!
Other frequently reported issues we are aware of include and are currently investigating:
  • The ship 3D ship radars (usually a globe) showing up as a D20
  • Crusader routing OM-1 through the Stanton star
  • Issues with mining and rocks vanishing
  • High CPU utilization
  • Heavy pirate AI spawning around major stations

Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and we’re monitoring and tracking a number of issues that have been reported on a smaller scale.

If you come across an issue in-game, you can help us squash that bug by reporting it on The Issue Council.

Feedback Desk

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground for your feedback.

Lots of discussion about the flight model was generated from some of the roadmap updates and we are definitely paying attention. Some issues we’re keeping an eye on include:
  • Imprecise interaction system
  • REC ships not being customizeable
  • Fines for legally parked ships and fines in general
  • Size 1 gimbals not being in shops
  • General Starmap issues
  • Client desync issues
  • General quantum travel issues

Have a piece of feedback you didn’t see listed here? We want to hear it! Let us know what you think about all aspects of our latest release in our feedback threads here on Spectrum.

Weekly Wisdom: MedBed Gameplay

Medical Bed gameplay functionality came to the verse with the recently released Alpha 3.8.1 update.

In the Cutlass Red & 890 Jump, you can manually set your respawn point to a medical bed by entering the bed and selecting “set as preferred ICU.” Upon death, you’ll respawn at the selected MedBed if you die less than 4 million meters away. Additionally, you’re able to heal by selecting the “treat injuries” at any MedBed location.

MedBeds are especially useful during particularly dangerous missions or fierce PVP combat. Instruct your team to select the MedBed as their respawn point and jump right back into the action upon an untimely death.

Community MVP: JANUARY 27TH, 2020

We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it's fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Every week, we select one piece of content submitted to the Community Hub and highlight it here. The highlighted content creator will be awarded an MVP badge on Spectrum and be immortalized in our MVP section of the Hub.

Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here!

(Mine)crafted 890 Jump by Wefling2004

Wefling2004 created an incredible Minecraft replica of the Origin 890 Jump in painstaking detail.

Check out the complete interior and walk through the block-style ship in a full gallery of images on the community hub.

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