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October 7th 2019

This Week in Star Citizen
October 7th, 2019

Happy Monday, everyone!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.7 is now out to Wave 1 PTU and we’ve seen a lot of you having fun with the patch over the weekend. We want to give a huge thanks to everyone hitting the servers and hope to open testing to a wider audience soon. It won’t be too long before we can all go spelunking, share missions, and see the devastating effects of a frag pistol duel!

Some of the developers themselves got in the cockpit and took the chance to showcase the RSI Mantis (the first ship to feature a Quantum Enforcement device) on the test server. With the Mantis Q&A released last week, you can get the low-down on the ship and the new interdiction gameplay before it hits the ‘verse in the upcoming Alpha 3.7 patch.

Round 2 of the Ship Showdown continued through the weekend, seeing the Reclaimer taking the win over the Dragonfly. Our eyes are glued to the current head-to-head between the Cutlass and the Caterpillar, which promises to be a close call. As we keep seeing victories by a hair’s breadth, don’t forget to log in and vote for your favorites as the tournament sets its sights on the grand finale on October 10th.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday, the Lore Team will take a closer look at Tohil – a system that’s long been a favorite of smugglers looking to circumvent UEE and Xi’an authority. We’ll also publish a comm-link of the Squadron 42 monthly report we sent out to newsletter subscribers last week.

Thursday is Star Citizen’s birthday which, this year, coincides with the finale of the Ship Showdown! Will there be cake?

Friday will bring us updates to the Roadmaps and the Subscriber Vault. Of course, the weekly newsletter will be delivered straight to your inbox. And finally, we welcome a new episode of Star Citizen Live, which will be broadcasting on our Star Citizen Twitch channel at 12pm PDT/7pm UTC. This week will feature a Q&A on both the RSI Mantis and the new Quantum Enforcement mechanic. As usual, you can submit your questions on Spectrum.

See you in the ‘verse!

Ulf Kuerschner
Senior Community Manager

*Screenshot by Xenthorx

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

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            Galactic Guide: Tohil system   (
            Squadron 42 Monthly Report Repost   


            Star Citizen Birthday   
            Ship Showdown Finale   

            Star Citizen Live   (
            Roadmap Update   (
            Roadmap Roundup   
            Subscriber Vault   
            RSI Newsletter   

Weekly Wisdom: BUY-BACK TOKEN

Buy-Back Tokens are attributed to an account every 3 months, and do not stack. If a token is not used, another will not be attributed to the account. Find out more about the Buy-Back tool, Tokens, and what they can be used for in this FAQ.

Community MVP: OCTOBER 7TH, 2019

We are constantly amazed by the contributions made by the Star Citizen community. Whether it's fan art, a cinematic, a YouTube guide, or even a 3D print of your favorite ship, we love it all! Every week, we select one piece of content submitted to the Community Hub and highlight it here. The highlighted content creator will be awarded an MVP badge on Spectrum and be immortalized in our MVP section of the Hub.

Don’t forget to submit your content to our Community Hub for a chance at seeing it here!

Ceremonial Vanduul Blade by RoxylarotuleProd

_RoxylarotuleProd_ created a 3D printed Vanduul Ceremonial Blade using spray paint and airbrush. Magnifique!
Check out the video on the Community Hub.

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