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October 17th 2012

CLEAN SHOT Shipping Update

CLEAN SHOT Shipping Update

Good morning my transpo-bugs or evening, hell I don’t know where you are.  This is Clean Shot with your old pal Craig Burton with all the latest news and updates to keep you safe, informed, and get where you’re going.  Today’s broadcast brought to you by Torreele FoodStuffs, bringing you the finest in vacuum-packed vitamin-rich meals for sixty years, Torreele… for the distance.  Before we get into it, might as well trudge through the legalese:
The information disseminated in this broadcast is user-generated and considered current at time of recording.  Farnes Media Partners are not responsible for the accuracy of the information after recording.  Listeners should factor in accuracy decay when planning routes.
That’s out of the way so let’s get started with today’s top updates, shall we, kiddos?

Croshaw System

UEE has jacked the point-tariffs yet again.  Can’t say I’m surprised.  At this point, it’s just a fact of life: the sun rises, people die, and governments raise taxes.  So, if you gotta make a run into the civilized systems, make sure you double-up the cargo to cover the cost of flying.

Magnus System

The Red Death has struck again.  The reputed pirate and his band of degenerates have hit yet another convoy travelling through Magnus.  This is the seventh attack in as many months.  When confronted by nearby pilots, the Red Death fled back into Banu territory.  Local authorities have tried negotiating with the nearest Banu government but they claim impartiality when it comes to legal matters, particularly when regarding the UEE.  On the bright side, this attack kicks the Red Death onto the Advocacy’s radar.  We’ll see how easy it is for those smug bastards to hit our brother traders when they got Advocacy Agents on their six.

Orion System

Got a hot tip from Kyle Ben who’s braving the frontier in Vanduul territory.  He saw a clan-ship on a bearing toward UEE territory.  Obviously, it’s way to early to tell if they’re on the hunt but just a head’s up.  Thanks for the tip Kyle, stay safe out there.

We’ll take a quick break, help pay them bills with some ad-spots, but when we come back we’re gonna dive right into Econ, break down which element and mineral prices are worth picking up and which ones are best left drifting in the black.

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