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May 14th 2013

News Update: Omni-Bel Ship Dealership

News Update: Omni-Bel Ship Dealership

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Are you looking for a new set of wings to take you through the galaxy? Are you tired of pulling up to that swanky landing pad on Prime and hearing the snickers as you land? Well, my friend, stop flying in shame and start cruising with pride. Come on down to any of our locally-owned Omni-Bel Used Ship Dealership franchises for the absolute lowest deals on a variety of new, like-new and used spaceships from all the brands you’ve come to trust.

We’ve got RSI, Anvil, MISC, even older-model Origins at prices you’ve got to see to believe. Every ship on our lot is run through our trademark Five Hundred Point Service Exam™, so you can rest assured that the damn thing won’t conk out the second you fire up the engines. What are you waiting for? You know that old tugboat you’re slugging around in has seen better days. Guess what? We’ll take it. It’s older than dirt, you say? Don’t matter, we’ll take it. We’ll take anything that’s got wings and a thruster and most things that don’t. Contact any of our local sales representatives to get a fair, no-lie assessment on trading in that old bucket of bolts to use as a down payment for a new vessel. Or if it’s cash you need, we’ll pay you the Credits it’s worth, instead. Now you’ve got no reason not to come in. Besides, there isn’t a law that says you’ve got to buy. Not yet, anyway! So come on down to your local Omni-Bel Ship Dealership and have a look around.

Speak to the fine men and women in our financing office to learn about the latest in appropriated loans and leasing options. Omni-Bel also offers a wide range of insurance options so you can fly out of here with confidence that your ship is already protected.

What’s that? You aren’t ready to sell just yet? Well I hope you know that every single Omni-Bel franchise is equipped with an industry-standard repair facility staffed by the finest certified mechanics and astroengineers. We can pop the bonnet on any of the ships currently flying in the old U.E. of E. and handle anything from a base tune-up to hull repair — even limited modifications (local restrictions may apply).

Really?! After all that, you’re still unsure? You do drive a hard bargain. Well, I’ll tell you what. In honor of our new flagship store opening in the Stanton System, we’re going to knock another 5% off our already rock-bottom prices. You heard me. I know, I know, how are the good people of Omni-Bel supposed to earn a living when they’re hacking Credits off already criminally low prices? We’ll make do because we’re here to get you the best deal this side of salvation. So come on down to your local Omni-Bel Ship Dealership and see what kind of deal we can do for you. If you’re in the area, check out our brand new store, opening on Crusader in the Stanton System.

Omni-Bel Ship Dealership, where deals come to fly.


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