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July 16th 2013

News Update: Clean Shot
Shipping Update

CLEAN SHOT Shipping Update


Good morning or evening, folks, whichever applies. This here’s Craig Burton with another installment of Clean Shot, where we bring you the latest news and updates from all around this crazy ’verse to help you make the best of that long haul through life.

To kick things off on a personal note, you all can probably tell that my usual calming voice sounds more like a combine trying to chew up some metal. Well, Mia May’s been sick so it was only a matter a time before me and the Missus got it too. Right now, it feels like I’m gargling glass, but hey, I’d be damned if I let a bug get between me and all you fine people. So, in short, sorry I’m sick, let’s get down to business.

We’re gonna get started with the latest security and safety updates for the systems in a segment my producer wants to call TroubleZone … I don’t know. I’m still waffling on it.

Anyway, today’s TroubleZone … is brought to you by Hardpoint Guys. One of the most trusted names in ship parts in the UEE for over fifty years, Hardpoint Guys is committed to bringing you the best in thrusters, avionics and power plants without cleaning out your accounts. Go into any of their local stores and mention Clean Shot to get an additional ten percent off their already low prices. Hardpoint Guys. Who else you gonna trust?

Here’s some of the hotspots you should probably avoid if you can help it:

First up, Leir system.

Looks like the Outsiders on Leir II (or Mya) are shutting down their imports for a little while. Got a tip from long-time listener Calico that unless you have a firm contract, you should not attempt to land. They ain’t gonna just wave you off neither, they just won’t respond. Now I don’t know if this is some religious thing or what, but we’ll do our part to keep an eye on the situation and let you know one way or the other what’s happening.

Next, we’re gonna bounce over to Garron system.

Now, any of you folks out there who travel through Garron on the reg know that it can be a tense system to move through. While normally, when Garron comes up on this show, it’s because some Vanduul raiders decided to poke the UEE defenses. This time, it’s something different. We got some severe pirate activity bouncing up from the Nul system that’s actively targeting cargo ships. I don’t know if some pack’s set up shop or if they’re of the hit-n-move variety, but if your route has to take you through Garron keep those shields juiced and those engines max.

Finally, we got Nexus system.

Trouble’s been brewing in the Nexus system, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but this time it’s not from the pirates. It’s from the local police. The crew of the Atala Grey reported that they were stopped by local police between Nexus IV and V, who claimed that they had received a tip that they were transporting illegal goods. When the crew complied, the cops rooted through their cargo and took what they wanted. Now, despite our rough history, deep down I’m a friend of the Law, so this really frays my fibers. I guess we’ll see how long this stays a problem because if the tip’s made its way to the Spectrum, I can’t imagine that these corrupt thugs will be enjoying their authority too much longer.

Anyway, that’s all we got. I’ll be honest, I’m still not sold on TroubleZone as a name, but I can see my producer giving me the evil eye, so I guess we’ll keep it for now.

Anyway, we’re gonna take a quick break and sort out some words from our fine sponsors. When we get back we’re gonna take a long look at Banshee and see if their latest discovery of palladium alloys is worth making a trip all the way down there.

You’re on the Clean Shot, so settle in, we’re just getting started.


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