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December 18th 2019

OP.NET: Civilian Defense Force

Independent Mercenary News

Welcome to OP.NET, the spectrum show for all you indie mercs out there trying to hack out a living in this crazy ’verse. If you’ve tuned in before then I’m sure you don’t need to be told, but for those that haven’t, this show’s proudly unaffiliated with the Guild. That means you can expect only unsanctioned, unfiltered, and unbiased opinions on what it takes to chase down outlaws on your own. I’m your host, Conva Maynard, and with me as always is Skiv.

Now, y’all can’t see this but Skiv’s got a mighty big smile stretched across his face which may or may not have something to do with him test-flying a Mantis for the past few days. All right, it is. We’ll hear his thoughts on RSI’s latest quantum enforcement ship later in the show, and find out how it could help you snag that elusive target. I didn’t get the pleasure of taking the Mantis for a whirl myself, but I have some thoughts on QEDs in general. It always seemed to me that there are better ways to snag suspects in their ship than ripping them out of quantum. Let’s just say I’m always extremely cautious when approaching criminals who are only a trigger squeeze away from potentially blowing me to bits. But, hell, maybe Skiv’s review will convince me to try something new. Stick around to find out.

Before we get to that, let’s turn our attention to important news coming out of Stanton. The Advocacy has announced the activation of an expansive crime-fighting initiative that could have a dramatic effect on merc operations in the system. The Civilian Defense Force, or CDF for short, has issued a statement saying, “Under the authority of the UEE and the Militia Mobilization Initiative, the CDF is empowering a volunteer force of individuals in good legal standing to engage and neutralize any individuals or vehicles that they verify to have an active CrimeStat.”

Boy, oh boy, do I have some questions about what’s going on here. In the past, the CDF has acted as an emergency combat force that could be activated to bolster militias and security forces, but to have them function as a standing unit engaged in open contracts feels like a pretty big departure from their original purpose. Thankfully, joining us now is SAIC Rowena Dulli, the Stanton-based Advocacy special-agent-in-charge who will be supervising the CDF. She graciously agreed to come on the show to discuss exactly how this new initiative will affect the system. Agent Dulli, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us today.

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: Of course. Glad to be here to discuss how all of us can make Stanton safer.

Let’s start with the basics. For those who might not know, what exactly is the Civilian Defense Force?

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: You pretty much covered it in your intro. The CDF was a way for systems to be able to muster a larger fighting force when times called for it. Rather than having members serve full time, as they would in a militia, the Civilian Defense Force can be called upon as required.

So at its core, the CDF is a fleet of untrained civilians playing constable.

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: I think that characterization’s a bit disingenuous.

It might be a bit crude, but there’s truth to it. Honestly, how effective can the CDF be when the standard for joining is simply “good legal standing”?

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: Take a look at the results. That recent string of mining claim raids in Ferron was effectively stopped by activating the CDF, who not only provided the numbers to patrol a larger area, but also had several response teams waiting to jump in if a crime was in progress. Additionally, the Advocacy has centuries of incident reports that clearly show that everyday civilians can be more than capable of defending themselves and others from aggressors. I mean, come on Conva, you know as well as I do that carrying a badge doesn’t inherently make someone effective at protecting the peace.

My concern is that without any kind of screening this initiative in Stanton will be a way to let civilians race into dangerous situations they’re woefully unprepared for and uninformed about in an attempt to play the hero. How does sending a bunch of untrained pilots to battle known criminals make Stanton any safer?

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: How is that any different from a civ listening to one of your shows and then deciding to go after a bounty? Last I checked this show specializes in dishing out advice to similarly untrained individuals on how to hunt criminals. If you can get behind this show, then you can get behind the CDF.

So what I’m hearing is that the Advocacy isn’t concerned about unqualified individuals going against some of the more dangerous CrimeStat 5 outlaws in the system?

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: The Advocacy’s main concern is the unacceptably high crime rate in Stanton. To be honest, instituting the CDF is a last resort caused by the local governments misrepresenting crime numbers to the Senate so they didn’t have to admit their security forces weren’t up to the task. You’re right though, residents and visitors deserve to be able to travel across the system without fearing for their lives, but this is the situation now and we have to make sacrifices to make it better. Anyone who wants to make the system a better place is welcome to join and will be provided the opportunity to determine how they can affect positive change in the system.

Why not just increase the number of bounties available in-system? There are always plenty of operators looking for work, and by working up a crime sheet, at least you’re providing a sense of how dangerous the perp is. That way they can make a decision on whether or not to attempt an arrest.

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: Bounty hunting remains an integral part of Stanton’s security plan, but some situations fall out of their purview, like security patrols or responding to active incidents. That’s really where we need help from CDF members. If you’re a bounty hunter looking for work, this is an ideal activity for when you’re not tracking a suspect. Just pick up a patrol or join the hunt for an active suspect if you have the time and inclination.

Is this open contract on outlaws being deployed anywhere other than the Stanton system? It seems like a perfect storm to turn the system into a shooting gallery.

SAIC ROWENA DULLI: Look, we can all agree that it isn’t an ideal situation. However, it’s my job to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the system, and I firmly believe that the CDF is the best way to achieve that result.

Well, Special Agent Dulli, thank you for joining us today. We may not see eye to eye on things, but I respect your commitment to making Stanton safer for all of us. We need to take a quick commercial break. There’s more OP.NET on the way and we’ll finally get around to Skiv’s thoughts on the RSI Mantis before he explodes. That and more, when we return.

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