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April 19th 2017

DataCache: Nemesis


To: scire_facias
From: Nergal
Subject: Eagle Eye

I’m in need of some covert comm surveillance of an Elysium-based anti-Tevarin hate group. Heard from a few members of the Orion Network that you’re the best at this. I’ve got plenty of credits to bring to the table in exchange for your services.

Now, if your reputation is half of what I’ve heard it is, you’ll find this out anyway, so I’ll save you the hassle. I’m an Advocacy analyst stationed in Jalan. My job is to sift through the spectrum to look for potential people of interest, which led me to discover some anti-Tevarin messages directed at Senator Suj Kossi from a group calling themselves Nemesis.

The group organizes anti-Tevarin protests across the planet, and have drawn bigger and bigger crowds whenever Senator Kossi holds an event on Elysium. Their hateful rhetoric can also be found bubbling up all over spectrum. I’ve been keeping tabs on them for a few months, but so far, they’ve operated within the rule of law.

However, their leader, who calls himself Matthys, recently vanished with a handful of his most ardent supporters. I ran it up to my superiors, but they wouldn’t commit to anything without more concrete evidence. These guys have been too smart for that. That’s why I decided to reach out to you.

I can understand your apprehension about working with me, but we both know that doing what’s right isn’t always lawful. I attached all the active casefiles I have on Matthys and Nemesis so you can see who you’re dealing with.

- Nergal

< attachment: Nemesis.txt >


To: Nergal
From: scire_facias
Re: Eagle Eye


intriguing …

but i’m like 95% sure this is some bold ass entrapment scheme. only one way to know for sure

unfortunately for you, i’m not into money. attached is a list of people. send me all their casefiles each & every last one of them. none of this ‘i cant access that file for this reason or that.’ you need to prove that youre willing to play ball before i join the team.

fyi, i already got a few files on that list … so dont think you can sweep out the info on them without me noticing. think of it as a test.

- scire_facias

< attachment: shoppinglist.txt >


To: scire_facias
From: Nergal
Re: Eagle Eye

Fine. Took me a bit to gather all the info, but it’s all there. You damn well better not screw me on this. I’m putting my career on the line here. Don’t think there won’t be any retribution if you ruin it.

You raised the stakes, so I’m raising them back to you. I want current location and any known associates for Matthys. After sending you this, I better not hear that you couldn’t find anything.

Contact me immediately if you uncover anything I can use to shut Matthys and his thugs down. Otherwise, I expect weekly reports on what you find. If one of them sneezes over comms, I want to know.

- Nergal

< attachment: casefile.txt >


To: Nergal
From: scire_facias
Re: Eagle Eye

got something

your gut was right, but matthys isn’t the mastermind you thought. the attached stream should clue you into why nemesis went dark.

couldn’t trace who was on the other end of the exchange. signal had high-grade encryption and was spun through a ton of proxies. all that work was almost enough to impress me. shifting sifting through the noise to see whos on the other end might be possible. just not part of our original deal.

im open to pursuing it, if you’re willing to part with more info. even cut you a deal.

- scire_facias


… run:slice
/ COMM MESSAGE ID: $Hw549-Ik71, prtcpnts: Jasper Matthys; Unknown /

MATTHYS: Sir, we found one.

UNKNOWN: Excellent. Where?

MATTHYS: Sitting on the saddle point of a remote mountain pass. Looks like the shrine’s location would perfectly align with the summer solstice just as you predicted. Creeps me out thinking about all the evil rituals they probably performed here. I’ll send you the exact nav points as instructed.

UNKNOWN: Make sure to follow the encryption instructions exactly as I gave them to you.

MATTHYS: I know, I know.

UNKNOWN: That very well may be but it’s worth reiterating, it’s essential that no one else finds out about this.

MATTHYS: Don’t know why, plenty of people would thank you for what you’re doing.

UNKNOWN: I’m not much for adulation. All I want is to keep the Rijoran blight from re-infecting Tevarin minds. Which brings me to my next question, had the shrine been disturbed before your arrival?

MATTHYS: No way.

UNKNOWN: You sound confident.

MATTHYS: The entrance was blocked by rocks that hadn’t been moved in ages. Couldn’t even see it at first. On top of that, the shrine was cut into one of those strange rock formations that’s all over these mountains. Hell, we would’ve driven right by this one if we weren’t being methodical with our scans.

UNKNOWN: Was there anything inside?

MATTHYS: We’re still pulling everything out of there. The place was packed to the ceiling. Looked more like a storage facility than a shrine when I first stepped inside. I’d guess some Tevs used it to hide anything they didn’t want destroyed during the Purge. No idea what half this shit is but it’s gotta be worth a small fortune.

UNKNOWN: I was very clear when I hired you that nothing was to be removed.

MATTHYS: Selling this haul could bankroll my crew for years.

UNKNOWN: Selling it might generously fund your little group, but it could also help spread that foolish ideology across this Empire, inspire Tevarin communities to stand up against the Empire. Is that what you want, Matthys?

MATTHYS: No, sir, but—

UNKNOWN: You will return the artifacts to the shrine and use a core to melt every single vile piece into slag. Nothing, and I mean nothing, must survive. I don’t care how much it’s worth. Do you understand, Matthys?

MATTHYS: I do, but my crew might—

UNKNOWN: Your crew needs to be reminded about what’s at stake here. If they really want to end the threat of a resurgent and rebellious Tevarin population, then this is what must be done. If not, then they might not be as loyal to the cause as you think.

MATTHYS: Guess that makes sense.

UNKNOWN: Now that we know these shrines really exist we must move fast to eliminate the rest of them before anyone discovers what we’re doing.

MATTHYS: It’ll be a great victory for Humanity if we do.

UNKNOWN: Turning the entire site to ash is more important than you could ever imagine. It’s the only way we can ensure the Rijora remains lost to history.


End Transmission

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