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July 29th 2015

StarWatch: Prime Fashion

Prime Fashion


Commercials are done and Callie C’s back for more fun. Things are just getting heated up here at StarWatch. And, thanks to all you loyal tipsters out there, it is no boast to brag that if you are a star, we are watching! Primo example right here -

It seems comedian Lupo Dingler has been banned from performing on Stanton III after her brand new book, “Growing Up ArcCorp,” hit the waves and then made some. A day in and already a Terra Gazette Libro Libero bestseller, the book’s firsthand and hilarious look at what it’s like coming of age in the shadow of a megacorp apparently did not sit well with the planet’s head honchos. I haven’t read all of it, but one part about trying to find a place for her first kiss and repeatedly being interrupted by ArcCorp security had me in tears. Speaking of tears, the sad part of all this is it seems these ArcCorp c-holes are totally allowed to do this! Our lovely litigator Winnie explained that restricting Lupo from performing is perfectly by the books since ArcCorp is a private planet. And also, just now told me that I shouldn’t call them c-holes. Sorry, Winnie!

I hear though that there may already be a campaign in the works to organize a streaming holo-show from above orbit to skirt the ban. Wouldn’t be surprised if it set records. Nothing like trying to ban something to make it superhot. Remember those clack boots from two years ago? As Winnie would say, I rest my case.

On to our guest! With Prime Fashion Week just around the corner, we’ve brought noted expert Nisco Hobbins back to dish on the fiercest fabrics and shocking styles that are as now as you can get. Nisco! So good to see you again!

Nisco Hobbins: Always a blast, Calcee.

Before we do a single thing else, you must tell everyone what you’re wearing.

Nisco Hobbins: The shirt is a castor gray double cuff no-back from DoNoNo. The nanshen just moves like it has a life of its own. So comfortable. Like wearing liquid interspace. Absolutely love, love, love. The pants are 987 classic denim lift cut with bronze detailing. And the shoes are fresh D4INGR prints from this morning. A racer sling with a honeycomb lacing.

Okay, after this, we’re definitely going back to my dressing room and you’re picking out my wardrobe for the next year.

Nisco Hobbins: Flash, Calcee. You already look great.

I knew there was a reason I keep bringing you back.

Nisco Hobbins: Sycophantic compliments and fashion insight.

Exactly! But enough with the compliments, bring on the insights! Now, every year at this time, Prime practically pulses as throngs of trendsetters pour into the city filling its every nook and cranny with fashion musts and busts. What are some of the new looks you expect to see?

Nisco Hobbins: Well, in my heart of hearts I am hoping we will finally be done with this whole solid color blocked stripe fad once and for all, but, like a ship of Nela bugs, I have a feeling that those bastards are here to stay.

And now I am so glad I didn’t wear my stripe dress today.

Nisco Hobbins: Me too! But to answer your question, the biggest trend that I think is ready to burst onto the scene this Fashion Week is the return of opti’s. For a few years now everyone’s been all about obscuring tech, but with Olsen Hendrick’s incorporation of VI Specs into last season’s line, it really showed what could be accomplished by making the tech we use a counterpoint. Highlighting instead of hiding. By making them into statement pieces that you’d want to show off, I’ll bet that more than a few designers will be seeing what they can do to take advantage of this lucrative accessory space. If rumors are to be believed, microTech might even be working with various designers like Derion and Spar Van Miles on creating a line of high-end optiVis frames.

Spar Van Miles?! You know, I always thought I looked super cute in specs back when I was in school. Like a sexy medic.

Nisco Hobbins: Now there is a trend that needs to happen!

I get full credit for that one. So, other than wearing specs, what else can we expect in our closet next year?

Nisco Hobbins: Now, while it may not be quite as fun as the sexy medic look, fofro has really started to gain popularity.


Nisco Hobbins: Faux frontier. Dressing like you’re fresh from the edge of the ’verse. We’re talking natural fabrics with simple cuts. Manual fasteners. High waists and full lengths.

We’ve actually been talking about this! Gretta Yung was wearing a buttoned dress in a pic of her leaving Spanto’s last Friday.

Nisco Hobbins: A lot of nightclubs have actually been changing their dress codes in order to accommodate celebs like Gretta who are embracing the aesthetics of this rough-and-tumble lifestyle as the actual frontier moves farther and farther away. It’s hard not to get swept up in the romance of a simpler life.

Guess I will have to stop making fun of our director, Marcos, for wearing that leather coat.

Nisco Hobbins: Wear something long enough and eventually you’ll be in style.

Wise words, Nisco. I think we have time for one more tidbit.

Nisco Hobbins: A lot of people aren’t going to be happy about this next one, but birth faces are back in a big way. The movement, called btru2urslf, started on the spectrum as a rejection of the homogenized standards of beauty. Thousands of people have been proudly reverting back to what they looked like before they had cosmetic surgery. Or at least a simulation of what their faces would look like if they hadn’t changed it in the first place. Best not to think too hard about it. Point is, that your old big nose or weird eyebrows could be the hottest thing to wear this fall.

I’m just picturing Joon Walter going back to those old cheek bones. Scary thought! Nisco, I love you, but we’ve got to take a break. Stay fused to that seat, StarWatch will be back in a beat.


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