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April 30th 2014

CLEAN SHOT: Sitdown with the TDD

Clean Shot: Sitdown with the TDD

Hey there, people, this is Craig Burton, coming at you with another episode of Clean Shot. The place to get the latest and greatest shipping news in this crazy Empire and beyond. As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical; the good folks over at Covalex held an industry summit out in Terra over the past week. Apologize for not being able to keep the show going myself, but Little Moe did a great job fillin’ in.

Today’s show, we’re going to do a quick TroubleZone breakdown, looking at what systems are showing up on our scans as being potential … well … trouble zones for haulers. After that, while I was on Terra, a young guy walked on up to me and said, Craig, I know you been in the shipping game for a while, but why don’t you do some segments that help out those of us still trying to get in? Well, you know, he had a point. Connecting with you fine people out there is great and all, but it’s also about grooming the next generation to maintain the traditions and knowledge we’ve accrued in our time spent out in the black. So we’re gonna have a discussion with Amanda Teasly from the Trade & Development Division, help you new folks get a sense of how you manage cargo.

The information disseminated in this broadcast is user-generated and considered current at time of recording. Farnes Media Partners is not responsible for the accuracy of the information after recording. Listeners should factor in information decay when planning routes.

This TroubleZone’s brought you by Aciedo, the most trusted name in system-to-system CommRelays.

First up, Odin system. Now, this may seem redundant. Like my dad always said: anyone who’s spent any time on the drift knows three things: one, voting for a politician is giving them permission to rob you blind. Two, never assume there’s enough fuel in the tank. And three, Odin’s got a pirate problem. Anyway, it seems that a new crew has dropped anchor in the remnants of Odin I, and they got a taste for smaller, easier prey. So all you solo shippers, if you can’t give a wide berth, keep an eye on those scans.

Next, we’re off to the Ferron System. I don’t feel great about kicking a system when it’s down, but Ferron’s been down for quite some time and now it seems that the local law has all but given up. We’ve had a handful of reports that police and medical responders have been taking even longer to show up to calls, if they show up at all. We’ve done some digging and it seems that the police on Asura have quit. Yeah, you heard me. They quit. The Governors Council is scrambling to find replacements and maybe the UEE will chip in some help, but in the meantime, treat Ferron like you’re on your own.

We’ll hit you back with a couple more systems further down the line; we’re just trying to verify some facts before we pass them along to you. In the meantime, let’s bring out our guest. Amanda Teasly’s worked for the TDD in Prime as a site coordinator for how long? Ten years now?

AMANDA TEASLY: Ten years as of next month, but I prefer to keep track in Terran time.

Don’t start, Amanda…

AMANDA TEASLY: Change is coming, Craig.

Now, part of your job is maintaining the flow of cargo on and off the planet’s surface.

AMANDA TEASLY: That’s correct. If you’re trading in a landing zone, odds are you gotta come through us.

Lotta people get kinda overwhelmed their first couple times out. So let’s say, I’m a fresh-faced shipper who’s dropping off my first contract. What should I expect?

AMANDA TEASLY: Once you’ve arranged all the necessary landing fees, cleared to approach the planet and finally land, you should seek out a local TDD office. Most of them are located within the landing structure. Once there, either speak to one of our representatives, onsite terminal or through your MobiGlas to check local prices. If you find the right price, arrange the sale and transfer of your cargo. Once the cargo is checked and verified by the TDD, the recipient will be notified. Cargo will not be released until payment is transferred.

Sounds pretty simple.

AMANDA TEASLY: We really try to make it as easy and equitable as possible.

What happens if the goods I drop off are stolen?

AMANDA TEASLY: Then it can get complicated.

Fair enough. We’re gonna take a quick break and fill your head with ad-space before we dive into that topic. If you’re in-system and hearing us live, feel free to drop a line with any questions you’ve got for Ms. Teasly.

This is Clean Shot. Coming back.

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