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July 6th 2022

Mining Rocks: July 2952
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

July 2952


Introducing a Next “Gen” Benefit

542 years ago this July, Martha Shubin founded this company in the hopes of helping Humanity expand into the stars. Her relentless focus and dedication turned Shubin Interstellar into one of the Empire’s biggest terraforming concerns, which helped Humanity reshape the universe and laid the foundation for a company that’s continued to grow half a millennium later. However, Shubin is only still here because we’ve evolved with the times. We expanded into mining, leveraging our expertise in planetary tech to drive advancements in ore extraction. We opened a commercial division to sell our incredible tech directly to consumers and shook up the shipping world by redefining efficiency. However, none of those advancements happened without the true key to a successful company: happy employees!

Shubin prides itself on putting the welfare of our workers and contractors above all, and I believe our ability to recruit and retain talent at a rate higher than the industry average proves that people love working here. And it’s no wonder why. When it comes to employee benefits, we’ve delivered everything from big initiatives, like the Safety Strike Team that’s reduced workplace accidents by 27%, to smaller quality of life upgrades, like expanded vending and dining options across many of our sites. Today, I’m proud to introduce a revolutionary new health initiative, Shu-Gen.

Beginning in August, all full-time employees and their immediate family members will be invited to take advantage of our Shu-Gen program. Simply sign up through your insurance portal, imprint at an authorized Shubin location, and the company will cover any associated regen costs as long as you remain a part of the Shubin Interstellar family, even if the incident occurs off the job. The Shu-Gen program was designed to make the entire process as easy as possible, including quarterly reminders for you to be rescanned to ensure your imprint remains as up-to-date as possible. Take advantage of this incredible benefit to ensure you and your family are covered in case of the unexpected. With Shu-Gen, the only thing you will have to worry about when regening is feeling better. Please reach out to your local HR rep for details and to see if you qualify.

My family and I will be taking advantage of this revolutionary benefit, and I highly recommend that all qualified employees and their loved ones do too. When it comes to important things in life, like work and family, a little peace of mind goes a long way.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and safety

Safety Rules Are Our Best Tools

Shubin Interstellar learned long ago that when it comes to running a successful mining operation, the devil’s in the details. Whether we’re deciding on what ships are right for our next fleet of haulers or the type of soap to use at our facilities, Shubin goes above and beyond to consider our options and implement the right choice for both the company and employees. That’s why our Safety Strike Team would like to highlight several important safety policy adjustments, beginning with changes to our ship refueling protocols.

Did you know that in 2951 Shubin lost millions of credits simply due to fuel spillage? This not only wastes valuable fuel but can damage the fuel nozzle, taking the tanker out of commission for costly repairs, or even causing a catastrophic explosion. Because of these potential issues, the Safety Strike Team did a comprehensive overview of our current policies and made several small but significant updates.

When it comes to ship-to-ship refueling, there are several important factors for pulling off a successful refill without a spill. Increasing the flow rate or opening more fuel tanks can lead to faster refill times but can also increase spillage due to the effects on the pressure rate. Because of all the different factors at play, the Safety Strike Team commissioned several extensive simulations to best determine optimal settings for all of Shubin’s ships, whether they’re within our fleet or deployed by our contractors. Most of these changes only affect refueling pilots, and a new simpod simulation was designed to test and train our employees and contractors on the new protocols. Under this “Every Drop Counts” initiative, fuel-conservative tanker pilots will be eligible to be entered into a sweepstake prize drawing at the end of the quarter, while those who continue to be wasteful can expect to face further evaluation and possible disciplinary actions.

The Safety Strike Team’s investigation also identified “receiver impatience” as a major factor in a whopping 38% of incidents. We know waiting to be refueled is not the most exciting part of the job, yet we ask for your patience with these new measures and the tanker pilots implementing them. Refueling times may increase as the new protocols prioritize safety and the reduction of spillage, so please plan accordingly and know that “rushing only makes mistakes faster.” Please speak to your supervisor if there are any questions or concerns regarding the new policy.

Next, thanks to everyone who participated in our Test Trials initiative focused on our latest mining gadget prototypes. We appreciate the time and effort it took documenting the necessary information, which included size and composition of the deposit, type of mining gadget used on it, overall performance, yield, and so much more. The information provided is invaluable to understanding how our mining gadgets work under a wide variety of circumstances and conditions, and has helped us identify issues that need to be addressed before a public release.

If you’re still in possession of a prototype mining gadget, please return it to your supervisor immediately. This extensive testing revealed a manufacturing issue with one line of the prototypes that actually increased instead of decreased a deposit’s instability. For the safety and security of you and your co-workers, please return all prototypes to avoid any confusion or issues in the field and instead make use of any of our excellent current-generation models. If you are interested in joining our Test Trials team to be the first to put new Shubin products through their paces, please speak with your supervisor for further details.

Finally, we’ve decided to extend our ban on travel through Pyro system for another year. Any employee or contractor traveling through the system for business will require prior authorization and a security detail. We’d also like to remind everyone to double check the Travel Restrictions list before venturing into contested or dangerous areas. Don’t simply assume or rely on the word of a co-worker that a system or sector is cleared for work. Operating in a restricted area without authorization means Shubin Interstellar is not liable for any incidents that might occur while there. So be safe and smart, double check the Travel Restrictions list before you depart!


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Happy Contractor-Versary to Moon Anchor Construction

This month marks the 50th anniversary of Moon Anchor Construction joining the Shubin team. Formed in 2823, Moon Anchor Construction has spent the last five decades building, repairing, and upgrading Shubin facilities located both in and out of atmosphere. The company has not only handled some of our toughest construction projects, like building our state-of-the-art processing facility in Baker and making essential repairs to our massive station tucked within Odin’s tumultuous coil, they have also supervised and advised on over 500 other projects. Moon Anchor Construction’s track record of top-tier work, plus their wealth of experience navigating the complex web of local and system building regulations across the UEE, have made them an invaluable addition to Shubin. We couldn’t be happier that they’re a part of the team and can’t wait to see what wonders Moon Anchor Construction will build for us over the next 50 years!

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