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June 17th 2015

Plain Truth: Clinical Trial

There are those who seek Credits, and those who seek power, but my name is Parker Terrell and this show deals in the only currency worth a damn — the Plain Truth.

The uninformed and those allied with the Imperialists have called the quarantine of the Goss System a success. But according to one Citizen, the Lynch Fever outbreak in the Goss System was not an accident. It was a carefully crafted clinical trial. If true, could this be the first step in the government’s plan to use Lynch Fever as biological weapon?

Now all of you questioning why the government would ever want to use Lynch Fever as a biological weapon, let’s take one minute to think about it. Imagine a planet on the verge of enlightenment and revolution, looking to shed the yoke of its Imperialistic overlords. Then imagine if a third or even half of that population suddenly got sick. Within a matter of days the number of people at rallies dwindle and the revolutionary fervor dissipates as the literal fever spreads. Suddenly, the government has justification to come in and shut off that planet from the rest of the Empire. And that is just one possible scenario.

It may sound crazy, but the reality is that it took just days for the Empire to block common Citizens or civilians from entering or leaving the Goss System. Those stuck in the system were told to stay indoors. People who went out into public areas were closely monitored. But the worst fate fell on those who were quarantined. Innocent people were captured and were held for up to twenty-one days with no due process. That is just what happened to one Khaleda McQuaid.

She joins us today to tell the harrowing tale of what happened to her while in the so-called “protective” custody of our very own government, and why she believes the most recent Lynch Fever outbreak is not as accidental as we have been lead to believe.

Thank you for being here, Khaleda. Your commitment to the truth is inspiring.

Khaleda McQuaid: I needed to let others know what happened. You were the only one who would listen.

A far too frequent occurrence because many of my fellow news media siblings are the lapdogs of the UEE itself. Now, please, tell us the truth of what happened.

Khaleda McQuaid: Well, I work at the Meridian Transit landing zone on Lyre and about a day after the reports of people getting sick started, I came into work to find these giants tents had sprouted up overnight. Before I knew what was happening they had rounded all of us up.

So you were forced into quarantine, correct?

Khaleda McQuaid: Let’s just say I definitely wasn’t given a choice. I showed up for my shift, walked into the break room and two meds in protective gear snagged me.

Had you been exposed to the infection at all? Were you exhibiting any symptoms of Lynch Fever at the time?

Khaleda McQuaid: Nope, I had no symptoms and I kept telling them I didn’t work people pushers.

I’m sorry, I think that may be a term not everyone is familiar with.

Khaleda McQuaid: “People pushers,” the big starliner passenger ships. Everyone kept claiming the outbreak came from one of those, but I deal with cargo only. The guys in suits even gave me a quick once over and said everything was fine. Everybody was. I didn’t know a single person who was sick that first day. So, what was the point of keeping me around? I’ve got a family to look after. Who the hell was going to watch my daughter?

And they still didn’t let any of you go?

Khaleda McQuaid: They said we had to stay until incubation time or something was up.

Now Khaleda, this all sounds horrible and a huge inconvenience, but let’s be fair here, isn’t all of this pretty standard for a quarantine? Isn’t, as the government claimed, a little inconvenience worth the health of thousands of people?

Khaleda McQuaid: I would say yes if that’s what these quarantines were for.

Can you explain what you mean?

Khaleda McQuaid: Not a single person was sick, but they started giving some of us what they claimed was medicine. Every day. They said it was supposed to boost the immune system or something. It wasn’t until they started injecting us that people started dying. Sometimes I’d wake up and the person in the cot next to me would just be gone. It was scary. Every day people vanished from our tent. Folks would go get their daily check-up and never come back. They sure as hell looked fine when they went in there.

But you didn’t get sick?

Khaleda McQuaid: I realized pretty quick that only the people getting the shots were the ones getting sick. Not only that, but almost all the people who were getting shots were Citizens like me. If it really had been medicine, why wasn’t everyone getting it? It all suddenly clicked into place. They knew that I had voted against the Imperator in the last election and were using Lynch Fever as an excuse to kill me.

If the government was trying to kill you, then why aren’t you dead?

Khaleda McQuaid: I knew that if I told the truth they wouldn’t be able to. It would look too suspicious. That’s when I started sending comms to the press. Most of them ignored me, and some replied that the people were getting sick in quarantine because they were already sick, but you listened. You listened and that was enough to save my life. I want everyone out there to know what a hero you are and how important the work is that you do.

Please, you and Citizens like you are the real heroes. It took a lot of courage for you to come forward and speak.

We have to take a quick break, Khaleda, but when we come back I want you to share your final days in quarantine. And then, noted epidemiologist Professor Topher Mullen will walk us through some other outbreaks and we will look at which ones may have also been caused by agents of the government. Keep it here for that and more on Plain Truth.


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