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December 14th 2022

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A warm and inviting living room is fully decorated for Luminalia with the lamp lit and burning brightly on the small table at the center. The peace of the tableau is interrupted when CASSANDRA, mid-twenties and wearing a holiday robe, pops up from behind the couch.

We quickly learn that she is desperately searching for something as we see her scour the living room with a determined look on her face. Pillows are tossed to the floor, rugs are lifted, and she even checks under the sleeping flatcat. No luck.

Drawers are searched. Cabinets flung wide. Containers opened and emptied. Where could it be? Cassandra runs a hand through her hair, exasperated.

It’s then that her PARTNER enters the room. From their shocked expression, we finally reveal the full extent of the chaos that Cassandra has caused. The idyllic room from the beginning is now in shambles.

Cassandra looks suitably embarrassed about the mess she’s created, but her partner just knowingly shakes their head with a smile. Putting a hand on Cassandra’s shoulder, they point to the corner of the room overlooked in the earlier search. There, high on a shelf, we catch a glimpse of shiny wrapping paper.

Reaching up, Cassandra pulls down the hidden Luminalia gift and eagerly unwraps it revealing the familiar green package beneath. A huge smile spreads across her face and we see what she has been so intently searching for -

A pristine package of Ringalings.

Eyes closed; she bites into one of the sweet, crumbly, jammy biscuits. Pure bliss washes over her expression as she savors this classic treat.

VOICE OVER: Ringalings. A holiday favorite too good to keep hidden.

The Ringalings logo superimposes over the happy couple enjoying their traditional late-night snack together.


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Inside a bustling shopping plaza, a happy SHOPPER steps out of a busy clothing store carrying bags from multiple stores overflowing with wrapped Luminalia presents. The results of a very successful shopping day.

VOICE OVER: This holiday season, give a gift that not only your whole family will appreciate…

We follow the Shopper as they move through the plaza passing elaborate holiday displays and enticing decorated storefronts.

VOICE OVER: …but one you’re sure to be thankful for too.

However, rather than turn into any of those alluring stores, the Shopper instead heads straight for a nearby Empire Health Services center with a large “Imprint Scans Available Here” sign.

VOICE OVER: That’s right. The perfect gift this Luminalia is an up-to-date Imprint scan.

A friendly NURSE explains a terminal to the Shopper who happily selects options from the screen showing how easy and fun the imprint process is.

VOICE OVER: Not only does a current imprint protect you from excessive emotional distress and potential memory loss during the regeneration process…

We see the Shopper leaving Empire Health Services having received their scan only to be greeted by their loving family who runs up to hug them.

VOICE OVER: …it ensures that your family can look forward to spending time with the best possible version of you no matter what happens.

The family, united and happy, joyfully laugh together.

VOICE OVER: Empire Health Services. Better care for all.


**/ ADVERT_3

A bright blue planet hangs in space. It looks familiar. Like dozens of other worlds you might have visited before.

VOICE OVER: It seems every day, our universe gets a little bit bigger.

Sharp mountain peaks gleaming white with freshly fallen snow cut into the crisp blue sky. We can hear the cold wind howling.

VOICE OVER: And those we love drift farther apart.

The peace of the mountains is broken by the faint roar of a powerful thruster. We can see a plume of snow in the distance as someone dashes through the mountain range at high speeds.

VOICE OVER: Thankfully, the 2953 Mustang is here to bring you all back together.

We are rewarded with a close up of the Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha in all her glory, gracefully speeding along the snowy mountain tops.

VOICE OVER: Carefully crafted and tuned to perfection, the Mustang offers unparalleled responsiveness and agility effortlessly paired with a ride quality beyond all expectations.

Showing off its deft flying skills, the Mustang darts easily in and out of the conifer tree line. Inside the well-designed cockpit, the PILOT, wearing a festive Luminalia sweater, enjoys every moment.

VOICE OVER: The Mustang from Consolidated Outland. Fly a little faster. Glow a little brighter. And get a little closer with those you love.

The ship lands at a small, freshly Pioneer-built outpost nestled into a valley with stunning vistas, joining a Mustang Beta, Mustang Delta, and a Mustang Gamma already landed there.

VOICE OVER: From our “Souli” to yours. Enjoy our special Luminalia financing packages at select Terra dealerships.

With their Mustangs parked neatly nearby, our family of pilots sit together at a cozy firepit in front of the Luminalia-decorated outpost enjoying a hot mug of sloma as snow lightly falls. A moment of togetherness made possible by Consolidated Outland.


End Transmission

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