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April 21st 2021

Mining Rocks: April 2951
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

April 2951


The Secret to Shubin’s Success

I often get asked, how can Shubin Interstellar build upon our incredible success after being in business for over five centuries? Before answering, I usually turn the question around to hear their theories, as I’m always interested in an outsider’s insight into the company. Typical responses include our dedication to technological innovation or our smart and strategic expansion across the empire, but more than any other answer, outsiders believe that maximizing profits to keep investors interested and engaged was the key to our success. Their belief being that if you consistently deliver profits then you’ll always have investors interested in backing your next big idea. Most people look a little shocked when I finally tell them the secret to Shubin’s success is simple; we keep our employees happy.

So many see Shubin as a massive, faceless conglomerate, merely an entity that exists in name only on legal documents and stock tickers, but, to me, Shubin is way more than that. It’s a group of people from all across the empire dedicated to discovering the next major mining lode, inventing a revolutionary mining device, or doing an honorable day’s work that earns enough to make a better life for them and their families. Shubin may just be a name, but it’s still only as strong as its employees. From the day I took this job, I’ve focused on providing all employees with competitive wages, safe working conditions, and a corporate vision worth believing in because if people enjoy coming to work and love what they’re doing, then everyone reaps the rewards.

With this in mind, the company has recently completed a massive review of our safety policies and will be instituting several changes to improve communication and working conditions across the company. As always, we welcome your feedback on how to make Shubin a better place to work. We may be a big company with big ideas but we still sweat the small stuff. We’re dedicated to helping you do your job better, because only together can we keep Shubin a success!

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and Safety

Safety Modulation

Mining may be our business, but safety remains our number one concern. One of the many ways Shubin Interstellar ensures all employees and contractors remain safe on the job is through an annual review of our health and safety protocols. We’re pleased to announce that our 2951 review is complete and this year’s updated changes have been distributed to each department.

Our Health Resources group spearheads this extensive, months-long process through a special Safety Strike Team composed of veteran miners, medical professionals, psychologists, and in-house safety specialists who are each experts in their field. The Safety Strike Team carefully reviews and revises each and every safety protocol, considers news ones, and works hand-in-hand with management to allocate the resources necessary to make safety a priority.

While we understand that each department has very specific safety needs, there are a handful of revisions that deserve the entire company’s attention. First, as we do every year, we’ve updated our list of Travel Restrictions. Please consult the list for specifics, but note that this includes a ban on travel through the Pyro system unless accompanied by security forces. We understand that this could complicate and slow logistics on several fronts, but it’s a price we’re willing to pay when compared to the potential loss of life and goods due to the system’s deteriorating security situation. While all employees must adhere to these new travel route restrictions, Shubin Interstellar cannot legally require contractors to do the same. We highly encourage all contractors to do so and will contact each one directly to reiterate that Shubin Interstellar is not be legally responsible for any repairs, lost cargo, or hazard pay incurred by a contractor due to an incident in an area on our Travel Restriction list.

Next, we’ve adjusted our policy towards the use of AdrenaPens by limiting the number of pens workers can purchase and use during a shift. This is due to a notable uptick in accidents caused by AdrenaPen overdoses over the previous few years as some employees have sought to use the medicine as a stimulant to boost reflexes and focus. While demexatrine has clear medical benefits when properly applied, too many concurrent shots can produce adverse effects that negatively impact your health and ability to work safely. To raise awareness of this issue, we have launched the Safe and Steady Hands initiative focused on increasing awareness around proper AdrenaPen dosages and the potentially dangerous side effects. If you regularly use AdrenoPens while working, please review the new policy to ensure you are not putting you or your co-workers in danger.

Finally, we’ve decided to extend the Managing Modules program for another year. This initiative requires miners to document what modules are being used on a deposit. We’ve heard your concerns about how doing so slows down the mining process, but this documentation provides two huge benefits. First, it makes miners double-check and consider if they are using the right module for the job, which we believe has helped reduce catastrophic incidents, and it provides us with a massive dataset. Careful analysis of company-wide module usage has provided us with interesting insights into what modules are best utilized in what scenarios, but we want more data before making any adjustments to module guidelines. As always, we highly recommend miners use Shubin Interstellar modules whenever possible. This may mean that mining some deposits will take a bit more time, but we’d rather you do your job safely rather than hastily. Much like the module designs, we want Shubin and safety to go hand in hand.

Please contact your manager if you have yet to receive the latest list of safety protocols for your department, and thank you for adhering to our new policies. Only together can we make 2951 Shubin’s safest year ever!


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Welcome to Breytenbach Labs

Let’s all welcome Breytenbach Labs into the Shubin family fold. Located in Hadrian’s Kedsu Reef, this family run lab will help process, analyze, and categories scans and core samples pulled from asteroids, moons, and planets across that sector to rate an area’s viability as a potential mining site. A flurry of mining activity in neighboring systems over the previous few years has overwhelmed our existing facilities and Breytenbach Labs strategic location and years of expertise make them an ideal partner for Shubin Interstellar. So next time you’re visiting the flotilla in Hadrian, feel free to swing by the lab and welcome them into the Shubin family.


Trivia Team Triumphant… Again

Congratulations to team BoschbyGosh (microTech, Stanton) for being crowned the Shubin Interstellar 2951 Trivia Contest champions. Their record setting fifth consecutive win was almost undone by teams Shu-Win (Mars, Sol) and The Mindminers (Selene, Vega), who both came in a close second. This year’s decisive categories turned to be Second Tevarin War battle fleets and masterworks of Xi’an music.

If you and a few fellow co-workers believe you have what it takes to dethrone BoschbyGosh, please contact your local employee liaison to register for next year’s event and ensure your team’s slot in the local qualifying event. Slots are limited so be sure to sign up before it’s too late!

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