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February 11th 2015

KAIZEN: Reconstruction Revolution

Reconstruction Revolution


Hello everyone. My name’s Aaron Schere and this is Kaizen, your guide to the economic and business news affecting the modern Citizen. I’m very excited about today’s show — we’re going to be talking to Livia Haskel from BiotiCorp who have been absolutely burning up the spectrum with news of their groundbreaking tech. But first things first, I’ve got a couple quick tips for you. This is Breakdown.

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Odin System
A disagreement between the Merchant Guild and Raleigh Station has escalated, causing the Guild to temporarily suspend their sales and transport contract with the base and, by extension, the corporations that operate facilities there. While much of the slack has been picked up by non-Guild operators, many hope that the closed-door negotiations will find an amicable solution soon.

Banshee System
Anyone looking to transport resources on or off of Lorona will probably have noticed a suspicious lack of activity. Kaizen has just learned that Leland Farro, longtime infoagent of Kesseli passed away last week. Anyone who’s had business in that system for the past few decades knows Leland. We at Kaizen want to extend our sympathies to his family.

We’ll have some more tips later in the show, but I’d like to bring out my guest. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the famed Scaliger School of Medicine in Rhetor, worked as a medical researcher studying gene therapy and eventually broke into the field of artificial regeneration when she joined BiotiCorp in 2935. Now she is the chief medical engineer and team leader of the recently debuted Calliope project. Please welcome Livia Haskel.

Livia Haskel: Thank you. I’m happy to be here.

Now, BiotiCorp has been in the news a lot recently. Congratulations on the recent success, by the way.

Livia Haskel: We’re very happy with the reception we’ve been getting.

For those who aren’t familiar with Calliope, could you give us a brief introduction?

Livia Haskel: Calliope is a full-body diagnostic and surgical system that has a variety of applications in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. In a nutshell, we are able to rebuild or restructure a patient’s appearance and body, essentially erasing permanent scarring and even severe burns. Although our early simulations were encouraging, our limited human trial runs have really opened our eyes to what Calliope is capable of delivering.

I’ve only seen the early research that BiotiCorp has released, but it’s pretty stunning.

Livia Haskel: Thank you. We’re all very proud.

Now, you’ve been very vocal about how this is not just another project for you. That you have a personal stake in making this technology work.

Livia Haskel: My second year of medical school, while traveling back to see my family on Angeli, my transport crashed on approach to the landing zone. It was some kind of EDL error that caused the accident.

You were in Critical Care for seven months.

Livia Haskel: Yes, I had severe burns on the left half of my body, so I guess you could say, when I got back to school …

You were on a mission.

Livia Haskel: I had motivation.

Subsequently, when Calliope first began human trials-

Livia Haskel: I was one of the first to try it out.

Seems like one way to prove the concept.

Livia Haskel: We were still early in the process, so it was a little bumpy, but yes, I really believe this technology works.

To that end, I understand that you and the CEO of BiotiCorp recently met with members of the Senate and High Command.

Livia Haskel: Yes, as you know, BiotiCorp is committed to working with local and Imperial medical facilities through our in-house charities. We’re very excited to say that we are in the process of placing three Calliope prototypes in select military hospitals.

So what’s the future for Calliope? One on every street corner? Maybe in a household to swap appearances for a night on the town?

Livia Haskel: I feel it’s important to address the misconception that Calliope will replace general surgical procedures. Calliope’s primary function is to restore and reconstruct, not heal.

Fair enough. Thank you, Livia, for coming down and sharing your story.

Livia Haskel: Of course.

When we come back, taxes. A new bill making its way to the Senate floor might spell another increase in the already inflated property tax. We’ll dig into it when Kaizen returns.


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