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August 7th 2013

News Update: Omega Pro
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News Update: Omega Pro Ad



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We all trust our ship for a lot of things. It’s our transport. Our lifeline. Our protector. Our carrier. It’s there for the long hauls and the close calls. We expect the best from our ship, so why not customize it with the best?

You can argue cargo capacity and weapon payload until the end of days, but if you don’t have the juice to fire it or the propulsion to move it, it’s a pretty pointless debate. Your ship’s power plant and engines are the heart and legs of your ship.

We get it. We do. Draw? Efficiency? Heat Signatures? Often it feels like you need a handful of advanced degrees just to understand what a single power plant or thruster can do. Add all the manufacturers and models, and it’s a daunting prospect to customize the ship that gets your job done.

Come on down to Omega Pro, where our trusted sales associates will be happy to talk through your specific ship’s needs as well as your personal needs, to help you navigate the treacherous waters of ship customization.

Check out the latest thrusters from Dragon Stellar’s new STC line, featuring a variety of propulsion/output levels perfect for any price range. Omega Pro is also proud to announce that it will now be carrying thrusters from Hammer Propulsion’s HE, HL and HM lines. Stock will be limited, so make sure to contact a sales associate before coming down.

See our vast array of power plants from such trusted manufacturers as Alliance Startech and Juno Starwerk. Our in-store systems will help compare and contrast the various models with the make and model of the power plant currently installed in your ship. If you find something you like, take advantage of our complimentary disposal service for your old power plant.

Perhaps you’re in the market to upgrade your defensive capabilities — you can also find a competitive selection of shield generators at select Omega Pro stores, like the new Gorgon Invincible.

Whatever your ship customization needs are, please consider Omega Pro. Our sales associates have been fully trained to address any questions or concerns you may have, regardless of your skill or experience with the inner workings of your ship.

You depend on your ship every day. Isn’t it time to give it a deserved boost?

Omega Pro. Why slow down?


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