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July 9th 2013

News Update: Advocacy Archive

Advocacy Archive





Submitted by: DET. NATHAN COBB (Prime Police Department)

RE: CaseFile#cd-11354v [Missing Person Advisory]


Missing person report filed for distribution to UEE-wide watchnets.

Incident Report:

Input on 2943.6.30SET. Emma Moses (PersonalFile#TS1_65323_089) contacted local police assets regarding her employee at the New United NewsOrg, reporter PARKER TERRELL (PersonalFile#SS3_34643_112) had not checked in for several days. While Mr. Terrell was known to disappear for a time before filing a story, Ms. Moses asserted that Mr. Terrell was scheduled to host a round-table discussing government oversight at an industry conference on Cassel in the Goss System. Apparently the conference is something that Mr. Terrell attends every year and occupies a seat on its advisory board.

Investigations into passenger manifests indicate that Mr. Terrell never claimed his seat on his scheduled commercial flight. Officers were dispatched to Mr. Terrell’s residence at 433 W. 1224 #A432, S4, Prime, Terra. After several visits, officers gained access to the residence via building’s supervisor (who made a statement corroborating that Mr. Terrell had indeed not been seen for several days). Mr. Terrell’s apartment appeared to be disorganized, but officers found no overt signs of criminal disturbance. A cursory investigation of the space indicated that Mr. Terrell possessed potentially inflammatory material of a subversive nature, specifically collected works from independent authors regarding imperial death squads. Currently awaiting a warrant to validate a legal and thorough search of his residence for any clues on potential suspects.

Mr. Terrell’s ship (early-model Aurora class) is missing from his designated hangar space. Officers processed the bay for potential clues but found nothing. I have circulated Mr. Terrell’s registration tags to the landing bays on Pike (Terra II) and Gen (Terra IV) and will be conducting field interviews with Infoagents and other local assets to see if Mr. Terrell has been seen planetside or if there have been any rumors or characters of suspicious intent that could be worth further investigation.


While it’s far too early to speculate, the physical evidence located at the two scenes does not seem to indicate foul play, I would be hesitant to rule out the possibility that Mr. Terrell has been abducted. Based on the statement issued by Ms. Moses, Mr. Terrell makes a living at “challenging corrupt institutions,” so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that one of his literary targets harbors ill will towards him. Officers have been reviewing his stories from the last few months to search for any clues.

In short, we are pursuing all leads in order to ascertain the whereabouts of Mr. Terrell, but I feel that if we do not expand our investigation to other systems in a more robust capacity, then we could potentially lose the trail altogether.

While I understand that the Advocacy has more pressing issues than the disappearance of a reporter, and therefore could not provide additional personnel or resources, I would like to submit this report for consideration to the Bounty Hunters Guild. At the very least, I would like to apply for provisional authority to continue my investigation outside my jurisdiction and into the surrounding systems.


Det. Nathan Cobb
BadgeID 92348h
Prime, Terra III, Terra


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