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July 23rd 2013

News Update: Congress Now

News Update: Congress Now!


2943.7.15 SET

Session AutoScript

Proofed and Admitted – NONE

AUTO-ACTIVATED/ID function disabled

23:18pm – Session Begin

UNKNOWN : Thanks for coming in.

UNKNOWN : You have one minute to convince me that this wasn’t a complete waste of time.

UNKNOWN : The Kr’Thak.

UNKNOWN : What about them?

UNKNOWN : I think it’s time we made contact with them.

UNKNOWN : Fine, but what’s the rush? The Xi’An have been relatively quiet of late and it’s not like the Kr’Thak are breathing down our neck.

UNKNOWN : I think it’s a political win-win.

UNKNOWN : How do you figure that?

UNKNOWN : If we contact the Kr’Thak and find out that they are hostile, we have something to commiserate with the Xi’An over. They’ll be enthusiastic that we have their back against their sworn enemy. If the Kr’Thak are agreeable … or more agreeable than the Xi’An, we can choose our ally.

UNKNOWN : So it’s a political win-win for us.

UNKNOWN : Isn’t that what I said?

UNKNOWN : We do have a session tomorrow, bring it up then.

UNKNOWN : You know as well as I do how pointless that is. They’ll throw out the same tired points they’ve been bickering over for months now. After a few hours, Madrigal will get bored and call for lunch. By the time we reconvene, he’ll have cooked up ‘more pressing’ issues to argue about. So I was thinking maybe we needed some creative solutions.

UNKNOWN : Last time I checked, we didn’t have even a theoretical jump point to them. Any idea how you’re going to get to the Kr’Thak?

UNKNOWN : Go through Xi’An territory.

UNKNOWN : Just like that.

UNKNOWN : Sure, it’s the simplest answer.

UNKNOWN : Okay, I’m just going to assume that you’ve either lost your mind or have turned into an idiot since I last saw you.

UNKNOWN : Seriously, why not?

UNKNOWN : One. You know that the Xi’An have been extremely protective of jump point access and locations that lead into their Empire. Two, they’re not exactly welcoming to Human explorers that deep into their territory, much less to Krell. As you said yourself, the Kr’Thak are the species’ sworn enemy, so even if you found a Xi’An turncoat, I seriously doubt it’d want to act as a diplomat for us.

UNKNOWN : Legitimate concerns, but one isn’t a problem.

UNKNOWN : Which one?

UNKNOWN : One. The first.

UNKNOWN : Oh, sorry. Explain then.

UNKNOWN : We obtain the NavData for the Xi’An jump points. Then we can send one of our pilots. They won’t suspect anything because —

UNKNOWN : I see. If your pilot can access the jump points, it must be one of their own.

UNKNOWN : Pretty crafty, right?

UNKNOWN : Not bad, Senator.

UNKNOWN : Thank you, Senator.

UNKNOWN : It would need an almost preternaturally delicate touch and it would still be exceptionally dangerous and diplomatically precarious.

UNKNOWN : I agree.

UNKNOWN : Who do you have in mind?

UNKNOWN : That’s why I called you. I heard you might know people who could handle this sort of thing.

UNKNOWN : I might have an associate I could introduce you to. Let me make a call.

UNKNOWN : Hold on. I think the AutoScripter turned on.

UNKNOWN : Erase it.


End Transmission

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