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May 28th 2014

News Update: PLAIN TRUTH


Every day, we find ourselves confronted with answers, each claiming to be the truth. While most people are content to accept the ‘official’ truth, accepting whatever answer affects their life the least, there are those of us that reject what is easy or comfortable to get to one thing.

My name is Parker Terrell and I’ve spent my life pursuing that one thing.

This is Plain Truth.

Welcome, friends, we have an exciting and informative show for you today, but first, I’d like to introduce a recent addition to the production team over here at Plain Truth. Arlo Theodore was a comm-specialist for Aciedo before he left to join us. Say hello, Arlo.

Arlo Theodore: Hello. Hi.

First of all, Arlo, welcome to the team; we’re all thrilled to have your expertise help our message reach more people.

Arlo Theodore: Glad to be here.

You were at Aciedo for ten years, correct?

Arlo Theodore: Yes, sir. Nine years.

I understand you were on the brink of pretty major promotion before you left.

Arlo Theodore: Well, I mean, it wasn’t definite …

Of course, but it isn’t much of a stretch to say your future at Aciedo was looking pretty bright.

Arlo Theodore: Yes, I suppose.

So what changed? Why walk away from that?

Arlo Theodore: My … my brother Marshall. He’s … he was always kind of an idiot, you know? Always after the coolest new “blank,” it didn’t matter what it was. If people were talking about it, he wanted it, regardless of whether he needed it or not. But he was young … hell, I was a colossal moron when I was his age. Anyway, he just had no control, started running up debts, taking out loans to pay for other loans, whatever. Through all of it he refused to admit how quick he was sinking, he just assumed he was ultimately untouchable, that it would just work out. Well, the Central Core Bank came after him and he freaked. Took a ship and ran.

The CCB then posted a bounty on him.

Arlo Theodore: Yeah … the bounty hunters caught up to him in Ferron and …

They killed him. Even though the bounty was drafted as a capture, public record of the incident stated that your brother attempted to fight them and they were forced to open fire.

Arlo Theodore: That’s a [REDACTED] lie. He wouldn’t have done that.

The two bounty hunters who were involved in the incident were officially cleared of wrongdoing, but, if you ask me, the entire situation seemed to be destined for violence the second the CCB issued the bounty. It put your brother in the same category with murderers and fugitives. I know that’s a fantastical concept to the political puppets over at the Advocacy, but there is a distinction between violent and non-violent offenders.

Arlo Theodore: Marshall was scared. He needed a wake-up call, to learn some financial responsibility, not be hunted down and killed.

People call this a civilization. I ask you, is the sanctioned killing of your brother civilized? A first-time offender who, like you said, was only guilty of being young and getting caught up in the allure of material possessions? It doesn’t sound civilized to me.

Arlo Theodore: It’s savage.

I agree. Now, we’ve tried to reach out to the Governors Council in Ferron to obtain copies of the incident reports, but, here’s a surprise, they’ve been stonewalling us.

Arlo Theodore: Of course, because they know … they know what they did.

I want to thank you for your bravery, Arlo, both in sharing your story with us and for joining us on the show.

Arlo Theodore: You’re welcome. We’ve got to change things.

We will.

Next up, we’re going to take a quick look around at what’s been happening in the UEE and beyond. Specifically, it’s been a week since Senator Lester and her subcommittee began holding public hearings about contract policy. We’re going to take an in-depth look at the transcripts and ask what are they really investigating?

Later on, we’re going to talk to Allan Provo, a community leader from Levski, talking about the independent government that they have over in Delamar, and their homegrown movement to try and convince unrecognized planets to reject the UEE and embrace more independent political systems that cater to their needs.

In the meantime, stay vigilant.


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