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May 20th 2015

Congress Now
Goldfinch Hearings

Congress Now: Goldfinch Hearings


2945-05-19 SET

Session AutoScript

Proofed and Admitted –Archivist Yates (#57573BDF)

2945-05-19_13:35 – Session Begins

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, if you will please take your seats, we will continue with the Goldfinch Hearings. Senator Albervar?

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): Thank you, Speaker Madrigal. To continue the investigative hearing we members of the committee would like to request the fulfillment of the subpoena served on OES Director Richard Luzea. Witness Cavendash, is Director Luzea present to take the stand?


SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): Then the committee hereby calls forth Director Luzea.

< OES Director Richard Luzea enters the Senate floor and takes the stand. >

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Director, you understand that your oath of office still stands while being questioned by this investigative body?


SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Senator Alervar, the witness is duly sworn in. You may proceed with the questioning.

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): Thank you, Speaker. Director Luzea, allegations have been levied against the Office of Executive Services of impropriety, larceny and abuses of legislative power relating to the so called Goldfinch leak of confidential documents belonging to one Origin Jumpworks. How do you answer these allegations on behalf of the OES?

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: I decline to answer the allegations.

< Loud talking in the gallery. >

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Quiet, please, or the gallery will be emptied.

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): These are very serious accusations, Director. You cannot just refuse to answer.

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: Actually, it well within my rights as a Citizen to do just that. So again, I decline to answer.

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): Director, I find it hard to believe that you can sit there and think that —

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: You and the rest of the Senate have clearly had your minds made up through the court of public opinion. These proceedings have been continuously swayed and directed by whispers and hearsay. So yes, I refuse to answer the question put before me. If this Banu lottery of an investigation is going to continue, it can do so without my cooperation.

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): May I remind you that so far we members of this distinguished senatorial body have heard testimony from Advocacy Agent Mendal, Advocacy Director Carmody, and the CEO of Origin Jumpworks, Jennifer Friskers. All of whom have levied a variety of charges against your office that if true will have dire repercussions for not only yourself and your subordinates but the Empire as a whole. By refusing to cooperate with this hearing, you are practically admitting OES guilt in the matter.

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: Guilt? Have criminal charges suddenly been filed? And since when has the Empire started assuming guilt until proven innocent? If I remember my civics course, the burden of proof falls on your distinguished senatorial body.

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): You are not on trial … yet … Director Luzea. We are merely trying to establish the truth. Don’t you want to go on record in defense of the OES?

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: And how will me answering these ridiculous claims help with that? Look at it from my perspective. I deny the charges and everyone says I am covering up the truth. I accept the charges and the repercussion would be such that Empire would feel its effects for generations. No, the prudent course of action is for me to continue to remain silent, for anything else would be a disservice to the hardworking men and women at the OES.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): If you continue on this course of silence, Director, I will have no choice but to find you in contempt of Congress.

OES DIRECTOR RICHARD LUZEA: What I do, all my actions, have now and will forever be for the good of the Empire.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Final warning, Director. Will you answer?


SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): I find OES Director Richard Luzea in contempt of Congress. Please remove him from the stand and remand him into custody.

< Director Luzea is escorted from the room. >

SENATOR KELOS ALERVAR (U-Terra-Terra Sys): Speaker, in light of this, the committee would like a moment to regroup.

SPEAKER MARSHALL MADRIGAL (U-Borea-Magnus Sys): Very well, we will take a short recess at this time.


End Transmission

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