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January 13th 2016

DataCache: Project Ouadeen

Project Ouadeen

To: pubmud
From: scire_facias
Sub: square


you can stop bloanin about me needing to get you back for that cisc4 job now. got you covered and then some. to be bool, you probably owe me a little after this, but im ready to call the whole damn thing square. mil data for mil data

was leechin off an aciedo out in davien when i scanned a thick trunk sectored off. had to be an imp line. no one else moves that much, that secure. took a bit of elbow but got to take drink off the cordoned stream but took only about 3ms before security walls snapped down. never seen anything that fast. gonna take me a few cycles to figure out how the hell they did that. they had tracers flying before i could unclench but i got away clean by my skin.

checked the packet and low and behold, your shiny present. feast your eyes.
first is the raw, second is my enhance pass.

< attachment1:raw >

< attachment2:enhance >

project ouadeen
ever hear of it?



To: scire_facias
From: pubmud
Re: square

Delete it. Delete everything. SCRUB HARD.

If this is how you square things, consider us square.


To: pubmud
From: scire_facias
Re: square

you damn dramaflut.
files are gone and scrubbed
but youre sure as hell going to tell me why


To: scire_facias
From: pubmud
Re: square


Fine. But this message has a sweep attached so read fast.

Ran into Ouadeen years ago from one of my former navy contacts, former because he disappeared. Didn’t die, didn’t run away. DISAPPEARED. The project had more money and more security than anything I’ve seen. LSS – It’s a ship. The biggest scariest ship ever made. Or would have been if they finished it. Last I heard project was scrapped. Totally bdoggle. Guess the war has loosened some wads.

The navy doesn’t want anyone to know about it. Damn serious about it. Parts and labor quadruple buried in other accounts. I could barely find a shimmer of it.

Trust me. Not worth the headache.

BTW, do you have a Xi shipper you trust? Got a contract.



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