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February 19th 2013

Advocacy Case File: Assassination Contract

Advocacy Case File: Assassination Contract




Case Summary: Gerald Carno (PersonalFile# ES2_77643_232) has long been suspected of running a black market trade operation out of his retail storefronts in Ellis and Davien Systems (see list). Surveillance and monitor teams uncovered Carno’s desire to contract a specialist to assassinate a rival. SA [REDACTED] went undercover and made contact through one of our informants, independent InfoAgent [REDACTED].

Carno set up a meet with our agent at a restaurant in Prime. TacTeams and Monitors were on hand to record and transcribe the exchange attached below:

[Carno, Gerald]: Glad you could make it.

[Advocacy Agent]: Gotta say, I been all sorts of dives for meetin’, but ain’t never in a family restaurant.

[Carno, Gerald]: Believe it or not, it’s the best Chaka in the ‘verse.

[Advocacy Agent]: Nah, ain’t got the pores for it.

[Carno, Gerald]: You’re missing out. [Waiter approaches, no angle for Retinal-Tag] Lemme get a bowl of the Chaka and a Magnus Ale.

[Advocacy Agent]: Doin’ water. Thanks.

[Carno, Gerald]: Sure you don’t want something stronger?

[Advocacy Agent]: Not on the clock.

[Carno, Gerald]: Professionalism. I like that.

[Waiter leaves]

[Advocacy Agent]: Speaking of which, why don’t we get down to it.

[Carno, Gerald]: [AUDIO CORRUPTION] tomorrow. What did [REDACTED] tell you?

[Advocacy Agent]: Just a sketch, I wanna hear the feed from you.

[Carno, Gerald]: You don’t trust [REDACTED]?

[Advocacy Agent]: The man strings Neon on the side, so no. You gotta want someone touched, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

[Carno, Gerald]: Name Cyrus Ishitaka mean anything to you?

[Advocacy Agent]: Should it?

[Carno, Gerald]: You never know in this business. The man might be your cousin.

[Advocacy Agent]: Lotta space out there.

[Carno, Gerald]: Not that much. Anyway, someone’s been feeding him information on which transport ships of mine have … extra cargo on them. And he’s been hitting them.

[Advocacy Agent]: What kind of damage are you looking to do to this guy?

[Carno, Gerald]: What are my options?

[Advocacy Agent]: A basic ambush can put some wholesome fear in him. It’s cheap and not a lot of blowback on you. Next option, I can take out his ship. You want a little extra cap to his status, I can hit him while he’s on a run, won’t do much physical but will hurt his rep with whoever he’s running for.

[Carno, Gerald]: What about an empty casket job?

[Advocacy Agent]: Not cheap, but it can be done. You summonin’ a lotta heat, though; I hope you’re ready for that.

[Carno, Gerald]: This guy’s whole family has been giving me nothing but trouble. I think it’s time to send a message they won’t forget.

[Advocacy Agent]: If you got the balance …

[Carno, Gerald]: Creds aren’t a problem.

[Advocacy Agent]: Okay. What kind of data you got on him?

[Carno, Gerald]: I can give you last known location and a few of the reg-tags he’s been using to dock.

[Advocacy Agent]: That’ll do. I assume you needin’ some kind of proof once the deed is done, yeah?

[Carno, Gerald]: Your ship’s combat log should suffice. Of course, if you want to bring me his head, I suppose that would do. [pause] Actually, don’t. I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

[Advocacy Agent]: Fine. You good with half Cred up front, half on completion?

[Carno, Gerald]: That’s perfectly acceptable.

[Advocacy Agent]: Be at this address with data and Creds in an hour.

[Carno, Gerald]: You sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?

[Advocacy Agent]: Nah, boss, I got deeds to do.




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