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November 4th 2015

StarWatch: Aid for Aremis

Aid for Aremis

The Hottest Celebrity News From All the Systems.

Hello, star gazers! I’m Callie C, back with all the celebrity news that’s setting the Empire on fire. If you’ve got a tip that’s fit for StarWatch, send the info to the show’s tipwire. We’re always on the lookout for juicy scoops that show stars in their true light.

Of course, this week everyone who is anyone was in Prime for the massive “Aid for Aremis” relief gala. Operation Solace organized the extravaganza to help those affected by the horrific Vanduul attack. Vid stars, pop idols, fashion icons, socialites and celebrities spent beaucoup Creds to attend. Felix Gibraltar, a spokesperson for Operation Solace, claims that it was the Empire’s biggest fundraiser since their event following the Lyre tsunami almost twenty-five years ago.

No surprise there with the gala’s entrance fee higher than Crusader’s habitable platforms. Though sadly I was unable to attend due to not being a gazillionaire, your girl Callie C still snagged the lowdown thanks to a number of dedicated, determined and charitable StarWatchers who were present at the event. Before we bore into what went on behind closed doors, let’s start with the looks that lit up the red carpet. That means it’s time for another installment of “Wear It or Tear It!”

First, starlet Natasha Alil snuck away from the set of her new Vid to attend the gala in an ethereal white satin gown and shawl, both by LaVenti. While we’re all a little weary of Natasha wearing nothing but LaVenti, it’s easy to see why she’s Natasha’s FDE, Favorite Designer Ever. Everything LaVenti makes looks stunning on her. Then again, Natasha could make anything look good. I’m surprised more designers aren’t breaking down her door to get her to wear their clothes. Spread the wealth, Natasha! That said, when it comes to this dress, Natasha ruled the red carpet and should continue to “wear it.”

Next, there’s songstress Rachael Roth rocking a strapless gown with a “memorable” raised, paisley texture. Memorable as in now that I have seen the dress it will forever be seared into my mind. It looked like designer Dyna Lei was inspired by a night of drinking and eating boumbo. Now, I’ve long been a fan of Rachael’s, but save that frontier bohemian boogie for your music, honey. It pains me to say this, Rach, but that dress falls into the “tear it” category. Even better, donate the dress to charity and give me a call next time you need something elegant. I have a few fashionista friends who could get you the perfect outfit that’ll make you look as good as you sing.

Inside the event, guests dined while Magnus’ melody-makers the Roommates played a set of their greatest hits. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Reggie Salehi joined them onstage for a rendition of his classic ballad “One Last Caress.” There’s even buzz that Reggie loved their version so much that he’s asked the Roommates to record it with him. Talk about the stars aligning!

The event concluded with what might be the most epic charity auction ever. It was hosted by comedian Dinesh Dunn, who was on tour in Aremis when the attack occurred. The voice of the famously deadpan jokester reportedly broke a number of times while recalling his harrowing escape from the Aremis Amphitheater. Then Dinesh described how Operation Solace would put the funds raised to good use by doing everything from supplying food and clothing to helping clear away rubble and debris so people could begin to rebuild. After this emotional interlude, the auction was an incredible success. Looks likes Dinesh tugged on the crowd’s heartstrings while loosening their purse strings.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a breakdown of some of the more exclusive items that had bidders breaking the bank.

Let’s start with my personal favorite. Éclat editor Marion Belieu auctioned off a day-long shopping spree at her favorite stores in Prime. The idea of spending an entire day shopping with fashion maven Marion makes my heart flutter like butterfly wings. Extremely well-dressed butterfly wings. Who knows, maybe Rachael picked this one up … I kid!

Now, for all you adventurers out there, renowned NavJumper Mikael Kimathi offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Operation Solace got clearance from the UEE for Kimathi to lead a voyage to see the black hole at the center of the Tamsa System. Since Tamsa was only discovered two years ago, its jump point coordinates are still a closely guarded secret as the UEE surveys the system, making this one of the primo packages of the night. Tipsters say the bidding for this item went astronomical. Hmm … people paying way too much money to see a giant void in space. Sounds like the latest Brandon Danzo concert … still kidding!

Amazingly that wasn’t even the most expensive item of the night. That distinction went to a package offered by interstellar hellraiser Ellroy Cass, who auctioned off his infamous private party pad in Tangaroa! This private paradise includes an estate that sleeps 16, two private beaches and a massive indoor pool connected to the famous grotto by a number of elaborate waterslides. If only those walls could talk, we would have enough StarWatch material for a millennium.

Earlier this year, Ellroy became a follower of the Journey and declared 2945 to be a year of self-discovery. His entourage claims that auctioning off his personal sanctuary of debauchery is further proof that the troubled star is leaving the licentious lifestyle behind. Yet some critics claim it’s nothing more than a crass PR move by Cass. Since Ellroy’s oasis supposedly emerged from the sea in 2942, many believe it only has one or two more parties left in it before the whole thing sinks back to the bottom, similar to Cass himself. Crazy how Ellroy can even court controversy while doing something charitable.

It’s time for us to take a commercial break! Coming up, we’ve got more insider scoops from the gala. We’ll not only describe the delicious delicacies that were dined upon, but also reveal what famous guest committed a major food pas. Here’s a hint, it is totally who you are guessing, but with a completely unexpected food. That and more when StarWatch returns.


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