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July 27th 2016

Plain Truth: The Sentinel

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Welcome back to Plain Truth. Before ending today’s show I wanted to take a few minutes to directly address a controversy. I’m told it’s a controversy, but I honestly can’t see why. Normally, I don’t do this on air as it only invites more attacks from people who merely want to gain notoriety, but unfortunately, too many accusations have been made for me to simply sit back and be slandered. Sometimes silence is the most effective weapon. This is not one of those times.

As many of you know, this media melee began last week after I offered my review of the Lost Squad season one finale. As it turns out, calling the show “pandering propaganda” and a “jingoistic wet dream meant only to reinforce the UEE’s current pro-authoritarian agenda” seemed to rub people the wrong way.

Suddenly, a number of low-level pundits, many funded by the same media-megalopoly that produced the very vid I eviscerated, pounced on my words. They spun and stretched what I said until its original intention was lost, failing to understand that my utter disgust wasn’t directed against the actual men and women serving bravely in our Navy, but against the way in which the memory of one of the bravest squadrons in the Navy’s history and a genuine symbol of heroism and sacrifice had been corrupted, reduced to mere vessels of authoritarian indoctrination.

These ridiculous interpretations even led to millions of people signing a petition demanding that I apologize for my opinion about this empty, braindead program. Well, if you tuned in tonight to hear me beg for forgiveness, get ready for a big helping of disappointment.

I’ll be honest, at first I found the entire situation entertaining. I’m used to name calling. You have to have pretty thick skin if you’re going to face down the establishment, but any humor I could find in their desperate attempts left the moment they called me the one thing that I won’t stand for. That I, Parker Terrell, am an “anti-UEE anarchist.”

This accusation must be directly addressed for a number of reasons. First, this specific phrase “anti-UEE anarchist” has been repeated ad nauseam. The fact that these exact words are being used by multiple pundits across channels only exposes that media elites are united in a concerted effort to take me down. They don’t care if the accusation is true or not. They only care if they can get the public to believe it.

From their perspective, the easiest way to take care of their Parker Terrell problem is to convince the greater public that I am “anti-UEE,” to spread the lie that my intentions are meant to undermine the empire. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could be further from the truth.

Let me be as clear as I can here. That way if anybody regurgitates the standard Spectrum rhetoric you can cue up this section and share with them.

I, Parker Terrell, am not an anarchist. I, Parker Terrell, am not “anti-UEE.” I firmly believe that the UEE is Humanity’s greatest accomplishment. I believe in the ideals that gave birth to this empire, and will do everything in my power to uphold them.

I love the UEE more than they can fathom. I believe in it so much that I will continue to expose the unfortunate facts that are unpopular or controversial. I will continue to speak truth to power. I criticize because I want it to work. I will continue to strike fear in the hearts of those who have rigged the system in their favor, because I believe the current system is so corrupt that drastic measures are needed for its honest core to survive.

That is why I am fighting so hard to destroy the corporate oligarchy currently latched onto the reins of power. Only when those entrenched interests are excised, and power rightfully returned to the people, can the UEE truly attain greatness. That’s why today I am calling for a boycott of all corporate sponsors of the Lost Squad.

If we really want to begin to see change, we have to start hitting these people where it hurts — their finances. We must wage economic warfare against them. We must band together and agree to take our business elsewhere. Because only when their bottom line comes under attack, will they begin to recognize and respect our power.

But until that glorious day, I will continue to speak out and fight for the UEE we all deserve. Consider me your sentinel guarding against oppression. If they come after me, it can only mean one thing — that I’m right.

And if I’m right, then anyone with their head screwed on straight should be worried. Inflating alien aggression is a tried and true tactic to establish an authoritarian regime. That’s what all those Spect-dumb buffoons don’t understand.

My anger over the Lost Squad finale was not a screed denigrating the 89th’s place in history. It was against a show that intentionally distorted or ignored well-established historical truths to score political points. There is enough known about what those brave men and women of the 89th did during those two long, brutal days to provide enough drama for a vid series. The only reason someone would want to take “creative liberties” would be to push their own agenda. More than anything else, my review of the Lost Squad finale was an indictment against the sad state of affairs in our current political landscape, that the Powers That Be are using the precious memory of the Lost Squad’s historic sacrifice to push their own tyrannical agenda.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s worst. That this vid is revising history to benefit today’s corrupt leaders or that the public didn’t seem to care.

My name is Parker Terrell and that is the Plain Truth.

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