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March 12th 2013

News Update: CenterMass Weapons Store

News Update: CenterMass Weapons Store



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Has your laser cannon lost that zip? Rocket pod getting a little sluggish? Hey, happens to the best of us. We all get older. It’s a fact of life. But did you know your ship’s weapons do too? That’s right. With regular maintenance, even the finest weapons will wear down. So bite the bullet … or beam; I don’t care … and come on down to CenterMass. We have the latest weapons and defensive countermeasures from ASD, Klaus & Werner, MaxOx, and many others.

When you’re all alone on the drift out there in the black, the last thing you want to worry about is your weaponry crapping out. Our highly-trained employees can walk you through the ins and outs of each model and create a custom sim to show you exactly how the new weapon will fit with your ship load-out and affect all the primary factors such as mass, power-draw … you know the drill.

We at CenterMass are now proud to announce that we no longer focus solely on the business of causing damage. We now help your withstand it! That’s right, CenterMass now offers the latest armor plating and shield generators from trusted names like Talisman, Basilisk and Behring.

And what would CenterMass be without its award-winning installation guarantee? Buy any weapon, armor plating, or shield generator from us and we’ll install it on your ship for free.

Installation offer only valid at time of purchase and not transferable.

Even if you aren’t buying, our certified mechanics are available for any and all installation, modification and repair that you might need. It doesn’t even need to pertain to weaponry! Our guys and gals in the shop are that good. They can even help advise on different ship upgrades, like power plant modification or thruster optimization.

This Imperator’s Day, come to any CenterMass store for special deals on killer weapons. That’s right, we’re slashing our maniacally low prices even more. Ten percent off Klaus & Werner’s classic line of TX model repeaters. You heard me, one of the standard weapons for the UEE Navy and one of the most dependable lasers ever made can be yours for ten percent less than our normal rock-bottom prices.

We’re also offering a deal so crazy, I’m worried I’ll get sectioned if I even say it. I’m just gonna do it … twenty percent off Talon RT-4 Needler variable rocket pods. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Twenty percent right off the top.
Prices subject to change based on system and availability. Limit one per customer. Check with your local CenterMass store for further details.
These deals will only last a limited time, so come on down to your local CenterMass store to check out the greatest deals on hundreds of weapons as well as our brand new Department of Defense for the latest composites and plating systems to keep that hull intact.

Cause when you fire, you can’t go wrong with CenterMass.



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