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August 1st 2018

Mining Rocks: July 2948
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

July 2948


Reflecting on the Past, Focused on the Future

History ebbs and flows, often washing away what came before only to replace it with something more resilient, refined, or dynamic. To avoid the dustbins of history, one must ‘adapt or die.’ Whether a business, species, or even a star-spanning empire, constant evolution is an essential component to success and survival.

This month reminds us that an ambitious long-term vision is not new for Shubin Interstellar. Four hundred years ago, then-CEO Bernard Cousins received an offer from Fulcrum Mining Associates to purchase all of Shubin’s assets in the Centauri system. Back then, Shubin was a relatively small terraforming outfit struggling to survive in a highly competitive market. The company was hemorrhaging money, so Cousins made a bold choice: instead of selling and settling for a short-term gain, he risked everything to purchase Fulcrum and integrate their expertise into the company. The transformation led to Shubin becoming the empire’s pre-eminent mining concern.

That’s why as CEO, I have enacted my Evolutionary Management business philosophy to strengthen and streamline Shubin Interstellar. Over the past few months, I’ve removed outdated procedures and challenged entrenched ideologies to make the company more adaptable. Without constant self-reflection, companies can grow complacent and see competitors beat them to the next breakthrough.

When I was hired, I promised Shubin’s board of directors, investors and most importantly, the employees, that I would do everything in my power to maintain profitability while focusing on the future. Twenty consecutive quarters of strong earnings prove that I’ve upheld the first part of that promise. Meanwhile, the recent landmark deal to launch our first operations in Xi’an space is a testament to my commitment to the company’s boundless future. By balancing the requirements of the present with the demands of the future, Shubin Interstellar will remain an industry leader for centuries to come.

2948-07-31 marks the 400th anniversary of the monumental merger with Fulcrum Mining. Join me in celebrating our incredible legacy by doing your part to keep Shubin strong today and on the cutting edge of tomorrow.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and Safety

Keep it Cool

Good miners work well under pressure. They know the perfect moment to throttle back the fracturing laser beam to keep a rock’s energy level within its optimal window, fully aware that explosions occur when mounting pressure isn’t properly managed.

Yet, Shubin Interstellar understands that it’s not just rocks that come under pressure on mining sites. Sometimes factors like cramped workspaces or poor communication negatively affect relationships between co-workers. If not properly managed, this pressure can also accumulate and lead to verbal or even physical altercations that seriously affect a crew’s productivity and morale.

That’s why Shubin Interstellar collaborated with award-winning developer SimSational Technologies to design a new mining simulator meant to address this very issue. This revolutionary simulation places workers in situations that require them to manage their mining duties while also de-escalating disputes between contentious co-workers. The virtual crew will only extract the optimal amount of resources if there’s clear and professional communication between all team members.

Beginning next month, simpods featuring this new state-of-the-art program will begin rotating through Shubin stations as a part of the new ‘Keep it Cool’ campaign. This education initiative will be accompanied by a training seminar that teaches proven de-escalation techniques. Workers will then use the simpods to test these techniques across a variety of real-world scenarios.

All managers and team leads will be required to attend the Keep it Cool seminar to learn these invaluable interpersonal lessons and put them to use in the simpod. Once their training is complete, the simpods will be made available to everyone. All other employees are encouraged, but not required, to take a turn! Please note that some Shubin locations will have limited simpod availability due to the sheer size of the workforce. To ensure yourself a slot, talk to your manager about getting your name added to the waiting list.

Keep an eye out for the Keep it Cool campaign coming soon to your station. Together, we can better manage workplace pressure, and make Shubin Interstellar a more inviting and productive place to work.


Some interesting facts about the ore around you. This month we look at …


  • This slightly radioactive metal was discovered in 1829 by Morten Thrane Esmark, a priest and amateur mineralogist. Famed chemist Jöns Jacob Berzelius confirmed that Esmark’s sample was a new mineral. He named it after Thor, an ancient Earth god of thunder.
  • Created in the cores of dying stars, thorium is scattered across the universe during a supernova.
  • Like Earth, many terrestrial worlds feature crusts that contain three times more thorium than uranium. Its radioactive decay is considered to be the leading source of several planet’s internal heat.
  • The ‘Second Nuclear Age’ kicked off in 2247 with the opening of an advanced thorium reactor in Port Renatus, Mars. The groundbreaking design, courtesy of the Martian Institute of Space and Technology, made thorium a safe, reliable, and convenient energy source for Humanity’s home world.


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Welcome to The Resupply Guys

The latest independent operator to join the Shubin family is The Resupply Guys. They will be responsible for restocking all vending machines at our recently reopened facilities within the Vega system. Founded by three decorated UEE Navy veterans, The Resupply Guys will bring their extensive logistical experience to ensure our Vega employees always have Too Much Soup! and never run low on Torpedo Burritos. In addition to helping our Vega interests get back to full operating capacity, The Resupply Guys’ impressive track record makes them the ideal contractor to handle one of the most critical aspects of our operation – keeping our employees fed.

Please welcome The Resupply Guys into the Shubin Interstellar family. If you work in the Vega system, be sure to say “Hi” next time you see one of them restocking a vending machine with delicious food and snacks.

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