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January 5th 2022

Something Every Tuesday: Traveler’s Day Special

[ Music ]

ANNOUNCER: This portion of Something Every Tuesday is brought to you by Kel-To. Whether you need a bite to eat or a bit of armor, Kel-To convenience stores have you covered. Kel-to, it’s a long road out there; we make it a little shorter.

Now, let’s get back to the show and our host, Esen Landari!

[ Applause ]

ESEN: Welcome back! Hope you’ve been enjoying our first show of 2952. Not to brag, but it’s the best one we’ve done all year.

[ Laughter ]

ESEN: I’m sure I’m not the only one who has traditions to ring in the new year. Personally, I make several resolutions and hope one sticks. After none did last year, I decided one of my 2952 resolutions was to get better at keeping resolutions. Now, I’ve heard the best way to do this is to tell others about them so they can help keep you accountable. If you don’t mind, I’m going to share a few of my 2952 resolutions with you in the hopes one sticks.

[ Applause ]

Esen grabs and unfurls a long scroll then drops the bottom half and lets it roll across the floor.

ESEN: Let’s see, let’s see. Here’s one, “Learn Xi’an.” Always wanted to do that. Would be great for the show too. “Floss every day.” Classic, that one’s been on here awhile. How about this one? “Stop making everything about yourself.”

[ Laughter ]

ESEN: You know, that’s actually one you can help with. This may come as a shock to some of you, but I don’t do this show alone. I’m surrounded by an incredible staff who do the hard work that makes all this possible. I couldn’t do this without them, so it’s only fair I share the spotlight.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to Cyrus Jasper.

[ Applause ]

Cyrus walks on-stage. He joins Esen then sheepishly waves to the crowd.

ESEN: Cyrus is an audio engineer who’s been with the show for how long now?

CYRUS: Eight years.

ESEN: Which is incredible considering your job is to listen to my jokes.

[ Laughter ]

ESEN: Now, a little bit about Cyrus. He’s known for always wearing a floral print shirt on show days, as you all can see now. He enters our office’s Day of the Vara costume contest every year and has won or placed seven times. He also won’t stop complaining about the year he lost, which is why I really wanted to bring you out here today. As your boss, this is your final warning, you’ve gotta let that loss go.

CYRUS: [Laughing] Come on, you were there! You don’t need to “get the reference” to appreciate the costume.

ESEN: Cyrus, please, this is exactly what I’m talking about…

CYRUS: Fine, fine… still should’ve won thou—

ESEN: Another interesting fact about Cyrus is that he’s a devout Journeyman, and has been so for how long?

CYRUS: My entire life. My parents both became Journeymen after attending a lecture by Vita Perry.

ESEN: Wow, I did not know that. In fact, there was a lot I didn’t know about Cyrus and what it meant to him to be a Journeyman. So I asked if he’d come on the show, take a little walk with me, and talk about it. You remember what you said to me when I asked?

CYRUS: Yeah, I said ‘Do we really need to take a walk? You don’t have to literally be on a journey to talk about being a Journeyman.’

Esen blankly stares at the camera and shakes her head.

CYRUS: What? Capturing good audio during walk-and-talks can be a real pain.

ESEN: Are you now glad we did it?

CYRUS: Absolutely.

ESEN: Good. Let’s play the vid.


Esen and Cyrus stand in the middle of a crowded street. Behind them people mingle and move between food stands, stalls with games, and booths from local businesses and organizations.

ESEN: Hey everyone, I’m here with Cyrus to talk about the Church of the Journey and what it means to be a Journeyman. But first, would you mind telling everyone where we are?

CYRUS: We are currently in New Arden on Cestulus for the annual Traveler’s Day Pilgrimage!

ESEN: And I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so excited. You’ve been a Journeyman your entire life and this is your first time attending the Pilgrimage, right?

CYRUS: It is. Always wanted to.

ESEN: Any reason you haven’t done it before?

CYRUS: Because usually I have to work.

ESEN: Why are you staring at me like that? You’re the one who decided to work for a show called Something EVERY Tuesday.

CYRUS: I mean, it is your show so…

ESEN: Well you’re here now, so why don’t you tell everyone about the festivities.

CYRUS: Ok, so it’s the eve of Traveler’s Day, which is celebrated every January 1st. It started in Croshaw in 2905 when a few Journeymen gathered to share the experiences and wisdom they’d learned over the last year. It was a hit, so they did it again the next year and it kinda just organically grew from there.

This celebration, the one in New Arden, is the biggest in the Empire. People from all over come together the night before to eat, play games, and swap stories. Then at midnight, when Traveler’s Day officially begins, we start the 20-kilometer Pilgrimage to the old docks.

ESEN: Wait, what? How long is this?

CYRUS: 20 kilometers

ESEN: But I’m wearing high heels…

Esen looks at the crew off-camera then storms off in a fit of rage.

ESEN: (VO) To prepare for the pilgrimage, Cyrus and I decided to visit some local stands.

Esen and Cyrus get a hearty meal from one of the foot stalls. The two sit in a darkened tent meditating. Esen slyly opens her eyes, picks up a bowl of food hidden next to her, and steals a bite. Esen uses her mobi to pay a vendor, who hands her a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Esen holds them up to the camera and smiles.

ESEN: Ok, here we are at the south gate of the stadium. We’re amidst a sea of people but luckily you can get one of these big sticks to keep people away.

Esen holds up a big, finely crafted walking stick and thrusts it forward like a sword.

CYRUS: Ah, that’s a commemorative walking stick. Each year they make a new one that you can get for a small donation.

ESEN: So they’re not for cracking skulls?


ESEN: I think it could, though. It’s got a good weight to it.

CYRUS: I mean, I guess it could be used like that.

ESEN: Wait… I’m confused. Is it for my personal defense or not?

CYRUS: Your relationship, or let’s say journey, with the walking stick is what you make of it. I’m gonna use mine to make this journey a little easier on my legs. But you can use yours as you see fit. The Church of the Journey advises guidance not direction, so I would never tell you what path is right for you.

ESEN: Real quick, what’s the Church of the Journey’s stance on bludgeoning?

CYRUS: It should be avoided if at all possible. Violence should only be resorted to if absolutely necessary.

ESEN: So, like, if someone says they hate the show?

Various shots of Esen and Cyrus walking through New Arden and the countryside.

ESEN: We’re now half way through the pilgrimage. Cyrus, what is this literal journey meant to teach us besides that 20 kilometers is really, really far?

CYRUS: The journey is really what you make of it. Some use this walk for silent contemplation and reflection. Others chat with those around them. A big part of Traveler’s Day is sharing stories and lessons and wisdom learned over the previous year. Everyone’s life experience is so vast and unique that sharing your personal struggles or triumphs might help someone else. Is there anything you did or learned last year that you’d want to share?

ESEN: Well, in March I got this nasty hangnail. Really annoying one that I worried would get infected so I took a medical gun to it.

CYRUS: Did it help?

ESEN: It didn’t get rid of it.

CYRUS: Then your journey was learning that medical guns are not an effective treatment for hangnails.

ESEN: Oh, it was effective. Whatever miracle drug was in there sure felt good. Hangnail was still there but I didn’t feel that finger for like a day.

Shots of Esen and Cyrus walking and talking through the countryside and the Garden District before reaching the end at the old docks. Esen raises her walking stick triumphantly.

ESEN: We did it. We won, right?

CYRUS: I’d say so, yes. We just walked 20 kilometers together, talked, and met some really amazing people who shared stories that were touching and funny and… I can’t thank you enough for bringing me on this journey.

Esen opens her arms and they hug.

CYRUS: For me, being a Journeyman is all about being open to life. Open to new experiences and opportunities to see other people’s view of the ‘verse. I’ve learned so much just talking to people on Traveler’s Day. Those stories have helped me through some tough times and taught me that everyone’s journey is somehow unique and universal.

At least, that’s what being a Journeyman means to me. It probably means something totally different to you.

ESEN: It does. Being a Journeyman means having really sore feet. Think it’d be ok if I took a medical gun to ‘em?



ESEN: Journeyman Cyrus Jasper everyone.


ESEN: Cyrus, it was an absolute joy and honor to go on that journey with you and the one here on the show. You’ve been a vital part of this team for eight years and we’re so lucky to have you and your floral print shirts.


A blushing Cyrus sheepishly waves.

ESEN: Now will you shut up about losing that one costume contest?


ESEN: That’s our show. Have a great night everyone!


End Transmission

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