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November 28th 2012



The Hottest Celebrity News From All the Systems.

Hey people, Callie C here, hitting you with the week’s hottest gossip and sightings from around the systems.

This comes from user SixEightYeah, SataBall star Karl Acker was out and about last night in the city of Prime.  Still sailing on the Terra Gryphons latest title, Acker’s solid footwork on the field was not on full display here as he leaves one of the seven clubs he ultimately went to that night.  Easy there, Acker!  Watch that ankle buddy!  Next season is right around the corner.  No word yet on the identity of the young lady on his arm seen here and here.  Relay those tips to our main feed, fair Viewers, and you’ll get mentioned on an episode!

Moving on, this one comes from Ferron where Snappers caught a real show last night at Benny’s where rising VidStar Natasha Alil blasted her birthday in true catchy style.  Alil’s latest Vid drops next week in Terra but has been riding high for the last month in Ferron breaking viewership records.  Rumors running around the industry insiders slate the Pic to be a true breakout for the young starlet and it showed on her party’s guest list.  Her birthday bonanza boasted more stars than the sky.  The lady of the hour slinked out of her ride sporting a strapless black LaVenti dress, stunning even the Snappers whose assiduous flashing stopped for a silent second.  Happy Birthday Natasha!  You keeping doing what you do.

The Coral concert last night on Keller in Croshaw took an awkward turn late when Xander Paul, lead singer, suddenly launched into a five minute anti-Citizenship rant.  Most people come to expect that sort of behavior from the fickle frontman who’s become more politically minded since his last album.  But this was a fundraising rally full of Citizens, so he was not preaching to the choir.  The crowd didn’t get an encore as Security quietly escorted him off the premises the second they finished.  Hey Xander, quick tip, know your audience.  Didn’t they teach you that in Rock School?

Fab fashionista and vivacious visionary of life and love sets out for the Goss System.  Socialite Karishma Sata seen here at the AMS port on Vega gathered her entourage for what will undoubtedly be a stellar sojourn to the most stunning system in the galaxy.  Karishma told Snappers that she was taking a long leave after releasing her latest fashion line but hinted that she might bring her endless talents into the fragrance market.  Fab indeed!

Finally, more trouble for recalcitrant rebel Ellroy Cass.  Davien’s favorite bad-boy artist was caught flying under the influence last night and in a vessel that wasn’t his.  While sources claim that Cass won’t be officially charged with grand larceny, this OUI is certainly in violation of his parole stemming from the flagrant fisticuffs he engaged in on Osiris two years ago.  With the latest reissue of Cass’ hit show, one can hope that the influx from the financial floodgates will help alleviate the legal costs with this new string of troubles but we here at StarWatch hope that this might be a wake-up call for the incorrigible Cass to get his act together.

That’s all we’ve got for today, keen-eyed culture hounds.  Remember you are our reporters, our eyes and ears on the streets and systems, so keep those vids and pics coming.  I’m Callie C, keep it max, and I’ll see you on the flipside.


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