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March 22nd 2017

Mining Rocks: March 2947
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

March 2947


Change and Growth

We at Shubin Interstellar spend a lot of time talking about mining, and rightly so. As industry leaders, we and our family of contractors should be nothing short of proud when it comes to our outstanding track record of effectively and conscientiously harvesting a wide array of ore and minerals from across the Empire. However, as impressive as our mining operations are, I want to speak to you today about a vital and noteworthy facet of Shubin Interstellar that deserves its own moment to shine — gas refining and collection.

For close to two centuries now, Shubin Interstellar has been expanding its gas services at a formidable pace, to become one of the most significant players in the field. From our exemplary refineries high above Davien IV to our collection center orbiting Magnus III, the gas team has become an increasingly important part of the Shubin family. For the past several months, new department head Shane Danari has been working tirelessly with our team of accomplished experts to push us even farther, with a wide range of gas-focused initiatives to expand our existing infrastructure by another fifteen percent. A lofty goal for sure, but one that I know Shubin Interstellar is equipped to handle.

To that end, we will be restructuring some of our existing personnel to help bring this new vision for Shubin to fruition. Starting in April, the Mining Technology Center will be transitioning to embrace a broader research mandate as well as receiving a new title to match. I am sure that we will all be hearing about a great many innovative breakthroughs from our new Extraction Research and Technology Center before too long. In addition, there will be some reallocation of resources from our scanning fleet to form a dedicated gas detection unit that will greatly expand our potential for finding new avenues of development.

This initiative is just another example of how Shubin Interstellar embraces change and growth while building upon the solid foundation of experience close to five centuries grants us. I for one cannot wait for our corporate identity to become as associated with gas as it is with mining.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and Safety

Stem the Stims: Phase 2

In November of 2945, Shubin Interstellar Health Resources began our hugely successful “Stem the Stims” program to help curtail the overuse of potentially harmful supplements. Since then we have seen an overwhelmingly positive reaction from employees across Shubin as well as a drastic reduction in many of the negative health effects associated with heavy stim use and related workplace accidents.

Due to this ongoing success, as of April 1st we will continue to improve the health of all members of the Shubin family with the introduction of phase 2 of this program. Under this new policy endorsed by the Human Health Association, use of all stim products will be banned in all Shubin facilities and work sites. Note that this ban will also apply to other potentially harmful “work aids” such as CureLife’s Revivalive and the increasingly popular Xi’an concentration supplement known commonly as “flow.” Any employees found breaking this ban will be subject to review and possible punitive measures. Please refer to the Employee Portal for the full details of this policy as well as resources for helping to quit for any current stim users. Do not hesitate to contact Health Resources with any further questions.

We all want Shubin employees to not only have a safe environment, but a healthy one.


Some interesting facts about the ore around you. This month we look at …


  • Named after the Ancient Earth Greek word for hidden, kryptos, the colorless and odorless noble gas was a surprise to the scientists who discovered it when they accidentally over-evaporated a sample of air on Earth.
  • With a half-life of two hundred and thirty thousand standard Earth years, a krypton isotope, krypton-81, is used by scientists to date ancient items. Recently, its use can be seen in the analysis done by the University of Rhetor on the glaciers of Helios IV.
  • The strong UV beams created by krypton-fluoride excimer lasers, while invisible to the naked Human eye, are frequently used in the manufacturing of computer components and in nuclear energy research.


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Welcome to Proctor Procurements

This month’s featured independent operator is Proctor Procurements, which manages a Starfarer fleet in the Davien System. Run as a Banu-Human joint venture, Proctor Procurements will be providing valuable assistance in transporting refined gasses to our main distribution center as well as lending their experience and knowledge to improve our growing transport needs in the system. If you happen to find yourself in system, comm the outstanding members of Proctor Procurements and give them a warm welcome.


Talent Showcase Results!

As February came to an end, so too did the voting for our company-wide Talent Showcase. Now we are happy to say that results are in! First though, we would like to congratulate all the participants once more and say thank you for providing us with so much entertainment. It is amazing just how talented our coworkers are! And now, the results:

Best Performance Overall:

Tass Hollingsworth for her “Prospector Holo-Dance.”

Most Original Performance:

Jon Standish for his “Seven Types of Ore and Their Everyday Uses.”

Both of our winners will receive two first-class tickets aboard a Meridian Transit cruise to Goss. Make sure to congratulate both of them, and all the participants, on a job well done!

A Special Toast!

Cutting Edge Brewery has recently announced that they will be releasing a new beer called Shubin Bock to honor all of the miners who work so hard in Magnus. With a flavor described as strong and dark with a smooth mineral-forward finish, we are sure that this naturally fermented beer will be an enjoyable beverage choice after a hard day of work.

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