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April 26th 2017

TRACKER: Technical Difficulties

Sponsored by WillsOp

This is TRACKER, your best source for official Bounty Hunters Guild news. I’m your host, Garret Coliga, and it is my distinct pleasure to track down all the latest info, tips and tech reviews before they have a chance to slip away.

Today’s show is sponsored by WillsOp Systems, makers of quality avionics, sensors and targeting systems for over four decades. Personally, I got one of their Mobius scanners hooked into my Dragonfly, and while I don’t pull down too many contracts these days, it’s fairly obvious that it would be a real boon hunting an asset surface-side. Plus, I’ve heard from plenty of others that WillsOp’s targeting systems are among the more consistently high-rated suites you can buy. If you check them and like what you see, you can use the code TRCK47 to get a special bonus offer on your order.

Now before we get started, there’s a bit of Guild business to take care of. It seems that a fair amount of members may have started recently using a new Xi’an focus-drug called E’tâm. From what I hear, it can really be a huge help on long stakeouts or extended surveillance ops, but it’s looking like there may be some unexpected side effects for Humans. Turns out that a few weeks back there was a murder case in Lo where the suspect went into some sort of fugue state after a bad ‘flow’ ride and killed her crew. Guild Health Services is currently recommending that members avoid the herbal supplement until more testing can be done, just in case this isn’t an isolated incident. While you’re at it, it’s probably worth being more careful if you’re approaching a target who seems to be under the influence.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to today’s HotSheet, shall we? Now, since today’s sponsor specializes in high tech, we figured it would be a good excuse to do a bit of a themed warrant list and highlight a few of the more choice tech-focused contracts available on the boards. Of course, before you pursue any of these jobs and confront a fugitive, remember to consult your local Guild or Law Enforcement office as bounties may have been cleared. And as always, all contracts must be executed by licensed Guild Members in good standing, so please make sure that if you’re planning to work, you get those dues in on time.

First up on the HotSheet is a hacker who goes by the alias GibMercy and is wanted in connection to a series of heists out in Hadrian. Turns out Gib had managed to infiltrate a couple of the shopping kiosks in one of the busier sectors of the flotilla and reroute the loading protocols for several high-value orders. By the time the discrepancy was noticed, Gib and their cargo-laden Hull-C were long gone. The authorities were able to identify GibMercy’s handywork based off their coding fingerprint, but they haven’t been able to pin down a real ID to go with the handle. That’s why they passed it off to the Guild. All you’ll have to go on is the ship make and the manifest for the stolen cargo, so it will definitely be a puzzler, but on the plus side, the payout’s a large one.

Next bounty that caught our eye is for one Shakara Toula. Last seen operating near Asura, she is what’s commonly known as a “gasper.” In other words, she hacks remote stations, seals all the doors and begins venting rooms until the poor folks aboard pay her demands. There’s been a bounty on her head for a little while now, but recently she knocked over an older station and the aging life support system wasn’t able to kick back online. Two people expired before a nearby ship was able to arrive and lend assistance to the rest of the station. That tragedy was enough to move Toula up a warrant-class. Note that she’s proven difficult to apprehend thus far, as her advanced computer skills have allowed her to slip away from the few Agents and bounty hunters who’ve managed to catch up with her. Bit of advice, anyone who attempts the job should make sure their electronic security measures are up to snuff.

The final snag and bag on our list is one I’m sure many of you have heard of — Ivan Pannich. The illegal gun and ammo mods he manufactures have been linked to eleven Guild deaths over the years, including the unfortunate passing of my good friend Ariel Liang. After four months off the grid, two days ago a security scan picked up Pannich leaving Severus. With his weapon proficiency, he should be considered extremely dangerous. My advice would be to go in wearing heavier armor as an extra precaution. A few deployable shields would probably not be entirely amiss either. Now, since the Guild has a vested interest in seeing Pannich brought to justice, they are offering to fund bonuses on the contract to any hunters who assist in bringing him in before the trail goes cold again. TRACKER will definitely be providing any updates as they come in.

Looking at the three jobs in the rundown today, you can see why it’s vitally important for a bounty hunter to stay up to date on the latest tech. Not only because it might give an advantage out on the job, but because you can be sure that as soon as a new piece of gear hits the market, there’s going to be some outlaw scum perverting it for ill-gotten gain. Don’t get me wrong, I know how tough it can be staying current. Sometimes, the last thing you want to do after keeping tabs on a bail-skip all day is study a tech manual. So, to help you out, famed Guild member Joss Han will be joining us after the break to explain how with a few core skills under your belt, you’ll be able to better analyze and adapt to malicious tech you may encounter on the job. Joss Han, you may remember, is the hunter who took down the notorious infoagent SyNide a few years back, so he knows his stuff.

All right, TRACKER’s going to take a quick pause for a word from our sponsor, WillsOp Systems, but make sure to stay put to hear what Joss has to say when we come back. Right after these commercial messages.

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