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September 2nd 2020

IO-North Tower
An Incredible View of the Future
This article originally appeared in Jump Point 7.3.

Ghanim Hayward stares across ArcCorp from his office in IO-North Tower. Self-tinting windows adjust to the setting sun as he soaks up the incredible sight. Skyscrapers kiss the sky, rising above the urban sprawl that stretches as far as the eye can see. A steady flow of ships stream to and from Riker Memorial spaceport, appearing like torch beetles against the darkening sky. Experienced travelers claim the only comparable vistas in the universe are found on Xi’an factory planets, making ArcCorp unique within the UEE.

The most exciting part? This unforgettable vantage can now be yours. Considered one of ArcCorp’s premier business parks, IO-North Tower is proud to offer you the opportunity to lease one of these exclusive offices at a rate complimentary to your price point. Not only will the accompanying vistas impress your clients, the amenities available within the building and nearby Area18 will ensure your employees are happy and eager to work.

“Moving into IO-North was about more than getting a great office, it was about making a great investment,” explains Ghanim Hayward, CEO of Hayward Fabrication. “Everything we need to operate smoothly is located right here on-world, allowing us to vertically integrate operations and keep our costs down.”

With their corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities now on the same planet, Hayward Fabrication no longer struggles with costly inter-system information decay on important orders and updates. If there’s an issue, communication is seamless between all involved parties. Problems can often be addressed faster than the time it took a comm-drone to travel between their former facilities. Not to mention that with thousands of other businesses and vendors located nearby, anything Hayward’s colleagues needs to complete their day is just a HOV ride away.

“Support services and repair technicians respond immediately to address any issue and qualified workers are always on-world,” Hayward assures. “After moving here, I understand why ArcCorp truly is on the cutting-edge of Human business innovation.”

High-Rising to the Challenge

IO-North provides dynamic office space suited to the needs of your company and employees. ArcCorp’s dedicated architects consulted a team of sociologists and wellness experts to design offices that help employees remain happy, healthy, and most importantly, productive. Rising above Area18, this Class-A commercial property utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep the building safe, cool, and connected to the wider universe, while abundant amenities help transform ordinary workdays into something worth looking forward to.

First impressions are important, so IO-North Tower features a grand lobby complete with an impressive water wall to greet visitors. All tenants can use the state-of-the-art gym, featuring a full-service spa, various athletic courts, and a swimming pool. Busy parents can even leave their kids at the daycare center staffed by certified childcare professionals*.

Planning an important meeting? Book a conference room sporting an impressive view of Area18 and its surroundings. There’s even a 100-seat auditorium ideal for larger conferences, company movie nights, and everything in between**. A full-service kitchen and waiting staff provide catering options ranging from vegan to Xi’an and IO-North concierge is always available to ensure your next event impresses.

As if you need any other incentive, look at the impressive roster of clients calling IO-North home. Some of our current tenants include the UEE Advocacy, Imperial Cartography Center (ICC), and the Planetary Development Bureau. The building even houses an exclusive lounge for Million Mile High Club members.

Destination Setting

The benefits of being an IO-North Tower tenant doesn’t end at the front door. According to the Terra Gazette, “Area18 is an essential ArcCorp destination for any off-world visitor,” and with facilities geared towards both work and play, it stands to remain one of ArcCorp’s most vibrant and popular locales for decades to come.

And don’t worry about accessibility. Guests will have no problem finding a place to land at Riker Memorial Spaceport before boarding public transit that delivers them directly to Area18’s Central Plaza. Home to Memphis Avery’s iconic floating sculpture, this piece brilliantly embodies ArcCorp’s industrial yet elegant aesthetic.

A local Trade & Development Division (TDD) office brings in a constant stream of qualified contractors looking for work, greatly reducing the time it takes for resource contracts to be fulfilled. In addition, major retailers are mere steps away – Casaba, Astro Armada, and Dumper’s Depot all have locations within Area18, as does the iconic and often imitated (but never replicated) Cubby Blast.

On your walk to and from work, you can stop by one of the many food stalls and indulge in local delicacies and universal favorites. Organize after-work drinks and dancing at the local G-Loc Bar to sample their expertly handcrafted cocktails, and when you’re finally ready to call it a night, you and your employees have a convenient place to call home at the nearby Adira Falls Apartments. With everything available nearby, you’ll soon discover there’s little reason to leave the comfortable confines of Area18.

Above and Beyond

From the incredible view to the outstanding amenities, IO-North Tower provides premier office space worth the price. Show that you’re serious about both your business and employees’ well-being by leasing office space in this iconic landing zone. Seize your spot on the cutting-edge of Human innovation by contacting a sales executive today.

IO-North Tower: It’s more than a luxury tower… it’s a lifestyle.

*Some services provided at a nominal fee.
**Subject to availability.

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