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April 2nd 2014

Plain Truth: Advocacy Overlords?

Plain Truth: Advocacy Overlords?


Truth. Facts. Clarity. These are virtues that any legitimate government must embrace if they ever want to be considered truly just. While the Imperial administration would have you imagine that the modern UEE is an improvement over the horrors of the Messer Era, I believe differently. I think it is simply a case of similar oppression, dressed up in prettier clothes.

My name is Parker Terrell. I’ve spent my life pursuing the truth no matter where it leads. As a field reporter for the New United NewsOrg, I thought I had found an institution that shared my ideals. It was only recently that I discovered they had relinquished their objectivity to bow to corporate influence. Now I’ve turned to the independent Spectrum to continue to bring that truth to you: the discerning, open-minded viewer.

This is Plain Truth.

Hello and welcome to the inaugural broadcast of Plain Truth. I’m your host, Parker Terrell. On today’s show, we’re going to take a long hard look at the modern Advocacy. Committed force of good, dogged in their pursuit of justice? Or black-booted door-kickers who don’t think twice about trampling the rights they’re supposed to be protecting?

Daniel Warden is a civilian, trying to earn a living as an independent courier in Ferron. Four months ago, he was detained by Customs agents while passing through Helios on a job. As part of the Advocacy’s Operation Scimitar, Daniel was held without charge for over three weeks and subjected to endless interrogations without legal counsel.

Daniel was kind enough to join me to share his story. Hello, Daniel.

Daniel Warden: Hello Mr. Terrell.

Parker, please. So when you’re ready, tell us in your own words what happened.

Daniel Warden: I’m on the move a lot. That much I figure you’d guess, being a courier and all, but it’s only that way when things are good. Things’d gotten real dry among the people I knew. It was back when things were all tense with the Xi’An. Anyway, I’d finally gotten a line on a job running some data from a broker in Charon to one of those research bases in Odin. Guess the guy didn’t trust the relays. I don’t know and didn’t ask. Another part of the job, you know.

Yes, I would imagine that discretion is an important asset in your line of work. Please continue.

Daniel Warden: Anyway, it wasn’t a huge run, but when you’re hungry for work, you get scraps where you can. So, everything seemed to be going okay. Contacts were thin so I was making good time. Second I bounced into Helios though, my scopes just lit up. A huge cluster of local cops and Customs swarmed me, screaming at me to power down. I mean, I didn’t grow up no angel, but I had never seen that kinda force without having a sneaking suspicion of why. First thing I think is that whatever I was transporting was bad news. They didn’t even seem to care though. I got tossed in a holding cell for two days and they kept asking if I was trying to cross into Xi’An territory.

Had you set a course for one of the Transitional systems?

Daniel Warden: No, sir. I’d just gotten into Helios. I hadn’t even set my course when I got flashed.

Then what happened?

Daniel Warden: Well, I just told them the truth, but no matter what I said, they weren’t listening. Kept asking me about things I’d never heard of and people I’d never met.

And these were local law as well as Customs Agents?

Daniel Warden: No, just Customs. Advocacy didn’t show up until three days in.

Did the Advocacy Agent identify himself or herself?

Daniel Warden: It was two of them, but no sir. I mean, they showed badges, but didn’t give names.

And what did they ask you about?

Daniel Warden: Same type of stuff. Had I ever been to Nexus? Sure, I said, lotsa people had. I mean it’s UEE, right? Kept asking me about different names.

Do you remember any of the names?

Daniel Warden: I’m not sure if I should …

It’s all right. The only way we can hold them accountable is by presenting the truth.

Daniel Warden: There were a couple, Demarque, Corso, Retha.

Any idea who these people were?

Daniel Warden: No. They wouldn’t tell me either. Just say a name and start hammering on me with dates and locations. I didn’t know what was happening.

And they never charged you with anything?

Daniel Warden: No, sir. Wouldn’t let on why they had me.

Did they abuse you?

Daniel Warden: I mean, I’m not looking to go back. It was intense, but it wasn’t like they broke nothing.

Please explain the circumstances of your release.

Daniel Warden: Like I said, three weeks later, some local law shows up around breakfast time. They give me my stuff and tell me to go. Courier package weren’t tampered with at all. They hadn’t even tried to look at the thing.

Have you tried to get an explanation about your illegal detention?

Daniel Warden: Sure, I comm’d anyone who’d listen.

And what was the response?

Daniel Warden: Hell, I’m still waiting.

So what we have here is a situation where multiple levels of law enforcement detain innocent civilians without charge or legal counsel, and for what? Part of the explicit agreement that a populace enters into with its governing body is the notion that the rules apply for all. If two people break the same law, they should be punished equally. What constitutes a crime to one person should extend to everyone else. This also applies to the officials we entrust to enforce these laws. Without establishing an official cause, what happened to Mr. Warden was kidnapping, plain and simple. If we can’t hold our institutions up to the same rules that we, as a public, have to obey, then it is time to restructure the institutions.

We reached out to Kristin Ward, Section Chief of Helios, as well as Director Carmody’s office, to appear on the show to defend their position, but they elected not to respond. Sign of the Advocacy’s new idea of public relations? Maybe.

When we come back, we’ll take a look at the circle of lies around Lynch’s Fever. In the meantime, stay vigilant.


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