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February 19th 2014


OP.NET: Merc News


Hey there gunslingers and atmoskippers. OP.NET is active and here to give you the straight feed. If you stumbled across us by accident and are wondering if you should stick around or not, OP.NET is a guide for mercs in the field. Now, we’re legally obligated to say that we are not affiliated with Crosshair, the Merc Guild’s ‘official’ Spectrum show, which is fine by me. In fact, I think it’s a blessing not to be confused with those bureaucrats and glorified accountants over there at the Guild.

Since I can see the vein on my producer’s face is about to burst, that’s my cue to stop. Anyway, I’m Sabine “Mixer” Murillo holding down the fort, making sure you got the data you need to make your own calls.

We’ve got a good show for you today. Couple jobs trickled in for the Job Board so we’ll take those out first, then we’re joined by Hamsa Paul of Storm Securities, who’s going to tell you why your reputation matters.

Before we get to that, here’s a couple ops looking for hired hands. As always, here’s your warning, we try to vet these gigs the best we can, but remember, at the end of the day, these are unconfirmed ops, so act accordingly.

First off, Odin system. Home to the big nothing, I know. Anyway, word’s bounced back that a new pirate pack has taken up residence in the cluster of asteroids formerly known as Odin I. Contracts of varying types came in from several of the local Corps in the system who have been on the unpleasant end of said pirate business. Stop into Raleigh Station on Vili and talk to the head of Base Security, Walter Tsu, for details and rates. If you go, dress warm. I ran a couple patrols there back when I was in the fleet. Definitely not itching to go back.

Next, Fora system, which should come as a surprise to no one. Heavier ships have been coming under boarding actions of late, so nearby transport companies have been hiring out mercs to tag along onboard their haulers and keeping them from harm’s way. Obviously, when you’re footside, you don’t have the flexibility of being in your ship, so if things get dangerous … well, they get real dangerous. But if the money’s right, maybe it’s worth the risk. That’s your call. We just drop the tip.

That’s it for now. Like I said, a little light on tips this week. Maybe the Guild’s trying to freeze us out.

Anyway, I’d like to introduce my guest today. Hamsa Paul. Welcome.

Hamsa Paul: Thanks.

Quick bio; Hamsa was local law for ten years before being selected for Advocacy training where he pulled shifts in some of the more dangerous systems in the UEE. Personally bound Winky Belle and gunned down half of the Red Death’s crew.

Hamsa Paul: It was actually only a third of them. Death got away.

Right. You caught some slugs in that exchange too, if I’m not mistaken.

Hamsa Paul: A few.

Anyway, six years ago you left the Advocacy and started Storm Securities …

Hamsa Paul: That’s correct.

What sort of ops do you manage?

Hamsa Paul: We started as a basic VIP protection service, you know; escorts, public appearances, standard stuff. As the organization grew its core group of operators, we expanded into interception, militia jobs and the occasional bounty collection.

I’m going to get, what I imagine is, the big question from our viewers out of the way. Do you hire non-guild mercs?

Hamsa Paul: We do. Our recruiters are looking for very specific things that aren’t necessarily part of Guild guidelines. Not to denigrate what the Mercenary Guild brings to the table –

Denigrate all you want.

Hamsa Paul: But seriously, is a distinguished military career helpful? Sure. Law Enforcement or local Militia experience? Definitely. What we’re really looking for is trustworthy, accountable individuals who have fulfilled the jobs they promised to fulfill. That’s exciting to us.

It’s not usually the skill-set that our profession tends to foster.

Hamsa Paul: No, it’s a personality-type. That’s what we’re after. Skills you can learn.

Fair enough. We’re going to take a quick break and pay some bills, but when we come back, we’ll talk about scaleable tactics for those of you out there who are looking to build a Merc outfit of your own.

If you’re local and picking us up live, feel free to drop a question for Hamsa.

Otherwise, hold your course, OP.NET is active and unfiltered.


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