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October 4th 2017

Mining Rocks: October 2947
Shubin Interstellar Employee Newsletter

October 2947


Out and About

Now, I may have rightly earned myself a reputation for being an unrepentant fan of all things Shubin Interstellar, but believe me when I say that our headquarters on microTech is, in one word, a marvel. Designed by famed architect Rafaelle Wise, the building’s solid foundation and lofty heights are as representational of Shubin Interstellar’s aspirations as they are beautiful. That is why I am so pleased to announce that we are expanding our Digging Deeper training program. Starting next fiscal quarter, twice as many employees will have an opportunity to come to microTech and participate in advanced training across several key disciplines. Please contact your local Employee Resources coordinator to find out more about applying.

But as much as I love our headquarters, what may surprise many of you is just how little time I get to spend there throughout the course of the fiscal year.

Shubin Interstellar as a company exists well beyond the walls of our corporate headquarters. For close to two centuries now, the extraction and processing of raw materials has continued to be a major focus for us. No surprise then that we operate hundreds of mining stations, refineries and depots across the Empire, as well as several terraforming operations, and are considered to be one of the most expansive corporations currently in existence.

To that end, that is why it is so important to me as CEO that I actually get out there to see and experience as much of our day-to-day operations as I can. In 2947 alone, I have visited 34 separate Shubin operations in over 11 systems and gone through a whopping 74 jump points. It is absolutely amazing to not only see firsthand the diversity and variety of our operations, but to realize that no matter where I go, Shubin Interstellar is still one big family.

To those of you I had the privilege of visiting with this year, believe me when I say it was my absolutely pleasure, and to those of you I haven’t met yet, just wait. I’m coming.

From the desk of,
Gavin Arlington, CEO


A closer look at Shubin and Safety

New Simpod Security Drills

We are proud to announce the release of a new suite of simpod training exercises designed to prepare Shubin employees for what to do if they should encounter hostiles during the course of their job. Designed in conjunction with acclaimed game publisher Perigree Press, this series of instructional simulations immerses you in several different scenarios and teaches best practices to ensure that you and your fellow employees survive. While there are several sims that incorporate basic combat training, Shubin Interstellar would like to remind all employees of our “Life Matters More” policy which emphasizes that preserving your safety is always more important than equipment and property.

Platinum Tier Protocol Updates

To go along with our new training exercises, we have also updated our list of sectors which have to follow Platinum Tier Protocols. For those of you unaware, this means that assignments in these sectors can only be undertaken by combat rated vessels or by those accompanied by a Shubin security detail, authorized security contractor or bonded Mercenary Guild member. For a full list of sectors affected, please contact your local Shubin Security office.


Some interesting facts about the ore around you. This month we look at …


  • A naturally transparent mineral, Corundum is a crystalline form of aluminium oxide that is most commonly known for its gem varieties, Ruby and Sapphire, and can be found in a wide variety of colors.
  • Due to its transparency, the pure form of Corundum, which is colorless and scratch resistant, is frequently used in the production of scanners, as a gain material in lasers, and as an affordable alternative to diamond-laminate in spacecraft.
  • One of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, with a 9 on the Mohs scale, Corundum makes an excellent industrial abrasive. It can often be found as a component in polishing compounds, grinders and cutting tools.
  • The famed ‘Heart of Tamsa’ gemstone is a large 812-carat black star sapphire that was discovered in 2945 by former Shubin employee, Gauge Racine.


Shubin Interstellar can’t do it alone!

Welcome to Northrock Service Group

This month’s featured independent operator is Northrock Service Group, who has recently been approved to provide security for our operations in the Stanton system. Dedicated to sourcing only the most qualified, trained personnel, Northrock has a proven track record of providing the highest level of protection. Already, they have had great success escorting survey vessels safely through the system and they are soon to start patrol routes in the sector. So next time you are in Stanton, make sure to welcome the talented individuals at Northrock to the Shubin family.


New Growth!

Congratulations to Shubin’s very own Doyle Mizushima for discovering a brand new species of lichen! Doyle noticed a scaly, dark orange growth while completing a subsurface scan on Lorona. A passionate amateur mycologist, Doyle collected a sample and soon realized that he had found something very special. After verifying that the lichen truly was unique, Doyle was granted the honor of naming the new moss. His choice? Lobaria shubina. Seems like the Shubin family really is growing!

Document Retention

To follow up on the company-wide comm sent by Lead Counselor Abigail Soliday on September 28th, please remember that any and all documents, communications, workpapers and files relating to the Dellin Provisional Government of Charon III must be retained and forwarded to the Counselor’s office. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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